How to Wear Your Favorite Tee

Keeping your style fresh can be challenging, especially if you're on-the-go. Style isn't something you want to think about, yet you want to express yourself through what you wear. This go-to-guide gives you the skills to effortlessly dress without overthinking. 

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A Not So Basic, Basic Tee

At Dak & Co our focus is to show you how you can think beyond the typical tee shirt. You can experiment with a variety of styles and material to help you create your own look and feel. It's all about helping you to feel comfortable and confident with your personal style when you wear your favorite Dak & Co tee.

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What Makes You Feel Confident?

Whether you like a tailored, fitted look, or prefer easy breezy comfort, we have a style that is made for you. Are you looking to spice up your style, or simply add a few new pieces in for the season? The key is to know your intensions with where you want to go with your personal style.

The great thing about personal style is that it's ever-evolving. It doesn't stand still and is always open to change. 

In my personal experience, I usually reinvent myself on a small scale once every six months or so. I feel reinventing myself fuels me to move forward in life. A change will often do me good and help me see other aspects of my life with new perspective. All it takes is a simple change up in my look to rekindle my confidence.

-K. Cote 


Have Fun & Express Yourself

Have fun with personal style and celebrate you! One of my go-to tricks is to take a memory snap shot when I see something I like. It can be anything from an entire outfit, to a small accessory to something unrelated to clothing at all - like a pattern or texture, even a feeling! Writing inspiration down, or taking a quick pic also helps me to remember and visualize it later. 

When I'm out shopping I can recall those ideas and memories when searching. Recently I'd been searching for the perfect loose-fitting, yet flattering dolman top to bring to the Dak & Co spring line. Searching for the right shirt had me puzzled at first, but I scribbled down a few key ideas to help me in my search. I wanted the shirt to be both visually flattering on multiple body types and comfortable - I wanted people to feel good in what they're wearing. I also wanted something classic so it could be worked into a variety of looks. With these thoughts in mind I was able to find the perfect dolman top to bring to the line. 

You can take these ideas to help you build your wardrobe. Write down what you like, how you want to feel when you wear the clothes and fit your personal style. 

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