Three Simple Tips How To Enjoy Holiday Shopping

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The holidays can be a joyous, festive time. But they can easily become stressful and overwhelming with all of the decisions that have to be made. From travel arrangements, to dinner plans, to decorating, sometimes the list of holiday "to-do's" seems endless. 

Another item on your holiday to-do list is shopping for gifts. Don't cringe! It can be done without pulling your hair out. With these tips, you will find yourself having a genuinely positive experience while checking at least this to-do item off your list!

Tip #1 - Shop Local

Shopping local can be a great way to find unique gift ideas that you can't find anywhere else. It can be a way to savor the nostalgia after visiting the community where the gift was purchased. The gift itself can become an opportunity for storytelling at holiday get togethers, to share where the gift came from. Shopping destination locations, such as local boutiques, vendor shows and art galleries, gives you great customer experience. You are greeted with a smile and often feel welcome right when you walk in their doors. They even may offer a hot coco or coffee to warm you up from the chilly winter air. 

Tip #2 - Bring The Family

Many communities, like the one we have in Fargo, North Dakota, offer fun shopping events enjoyable for the entire family. Check your local listing for community events to be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Get in some quality family time taking in a Saturday event that features games or art projects for the kids, while the parents can do some shopping. Events often are all-inclusive and have options for food and entertainment as well.

Tip #3 - Enjoy an Evening Experience 

Many communities are offering great evening events that include shopping along with music, food and drinks. Grab a few friends, or make it a date night, either way you'll be sure to find something you like. These kind of experiences take the edge off of shopping and let you relax and unwind while you shop. You can find these types of events on local city Facebook pages or on the hometown website. You can also find the inside scoop by talking with locals in the community. 


Now you must feel much more excited about your next shopping experience! You may be asking yourself where you can find such an experience, one that you can walk in and feel welcome, shop with ease with the kids, and enjoy a unique evening shopping experience. If you live near Fargo, or would like to visit, you are in luck! This holiday season, Dak & Co is partaking in APT Holiday Market, an event geared towards giving you not only a unique shopping experience featuring local makers, artists and creatives, but are also featuring local cuisine, fun for the kids (like decorating your own sugar cookie) and evening events featuring local music and drinks. You can also find us there at our Dak & Co Shop at studio #8! 

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Most Thursdays from 4pm - 8pm  & Saturdays from 10am - 2pm this holiday season. Click below to see our APT Market Event Schedule! We are located at 225 4th Ave N, Fargo ND,  2 Blocks East of Sidestreet Bar. 

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