Hello, We're Dak & Co


Hello and welcome to the new home of the Dak & Co blog "The Roaming Bison." It's about everything that we believe in. It's about showing love to all things local. 

Who are we?

We are a couple of adventure-seeking, fun-having, story-telling folks who want to bring joy to people around us. How do we plan to do that? By sharing our adventures with you through the eyes of our friend Dak the Bison. (pssst: Click here to read the story on Dak.)

What is your main focus?

That's a great question! We want to bring you, our incredible readers, as much awesomeness as we can. We focus on rich, exhilarating & vibrant stories, tips and local finds to bring inspiration to your every day. And we believe the best way to do that is to talk to local people (like you!) who make up the flavor of a community. 

How do we plan to do this?

Well, through Dak the Bison, of course! View the world through the eyes of Dak as he roams far and wide seeking out adventure in local communities. This will be a place where we focus on people, places and ideas that inspire.

Where will we begin?

Dak loves his home of North Dakota. Dak loves his home of Fargo. And he wants to share this love of Fargo with all of you. He invites you to roam with him as we experience this city in a whole new way. 

The truth is, there are some pretty awesome things to do in this city, along with some pretty awesome people to meet. Dak's mission is to seek out the creatives, the movers and shakers, the dreamers and speakers, people who like to make things happen. 

There are so many things to do in this city, along with some some pretty cool people to meet. From fashion stylists, to artists, from photographers, to foodies, and everything in between. He loves creatives, finding their passions and what drives them to be the awesome people that they are.

Our Question to You is...

Where do you want to see us go next? We need your support and ideas to help us keep moving! We invite you to stay engaged with us! Follow us, comment to us and send us suggestions on where we should go next! You never know where you might see Dak pop up, so always keep in mind Dak & Co may be coming to a community near you! Stay tuned!


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