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Fargo Firsts

We are incredible thankful for all of the memories we made in our first year in business. We've been lucky to work with such awesome people throughout this year. Without them we wouldn't be where we are today. Were truly blessed to be located in this ever-growing, ever-moving city of Fargo.

We are so excited for what's in store this coming 2018, but before we hit the ground running, we're taking a moment to reflect on the last year. Join us down a short, sweet trip down memory lane of some of our favorite Fargo moments. These moments are only a few of the many more we hold dear to our hearts.

The first Dak the Bison Installation

The first week into the new year, we installed our very first Dak at the Professional Building on 52nd. Rick Schue of Altaire, along with the other tenants agreed to make a home for the very first Dak the Bison in the foyer of their space as a warm welcome to all who walk in. The design for Dak the Bison wall hangings were brought to life by the help of Grain Designs.

Grain Designs Dak and Co Installation Piet van Rensburg of Dak & Co with Grain Design's Blain Mikkonen and Grant Koenig

Grain Designs Dak and Co installation Grant of Grain Designs giving Dak a final look

grain designs Dak the Bison installation Kayla Cote van Rensburg of Dak & Co with Grant & Blain of Grain Designs

Grain Designs Dak And Collaboratives Dak the Bison Installation Tenants, Altaire Medical Spa, Dak & Co, Grain Designs celebrating the installation 

Photo Credits: Marisa Jackels 


We made our home in the APT Artist Incubator 

In June we signed our lease at the APT Artist Incubator, where Jeff Knight, Dana Del Val and the rest of the Arts Partnership welcomed us with open arms. We spent weekends and evenings renovating the space to make it our own. Piet and I both agree we wouldn't trade those summer thunderstorm nights of renovating for anything! 

APT Artist Incubator Mckaila Ruud modeling Dak & Co in front of APT Artist Incubator 

Photo credits: M.Scheif Photography

Dak and Collaboratives Studio Renovation Piet van Rensburg of Dak & Co mapping out where to install our wall hanging

Dak and Co Studio APT Artist Incubator


Dak and Co Studio APT Artist Incubator Fargo

Piet & Kayla putting on the first coat of paint at Dak & Co Studio at the APT Artist Incubator.

Photo credits: M.Schleif Photography 


Fargo Fashion Week

After meeting With founder Jani Skala earlier that year, we knew Dak & Co would be a great fit at Fargo Fashion Week. Fargo Fashion Week was our first official event in the U.S. where Dak & Co apparel could be seen walking down the runway as well as for sale at our booth. 

dat and collaboratives fargo fashion week

Models walking the runway for Dak & Co. Models provided by Ultimate Image Management.

Photo credits: Gary Ussery Photography

Dak and Co Fargo Fashion Week

dak and collaboraties fargo fashion weekModels doing a final walk for the Dak & Co line


Design & Living tells our story

In October we had the pleasure of sharing our renovation story with the Design & Living team. The article "When Fashion Influences Interior Design" features a look at the husband and wife team of Dak & Co along with our renovation story. We had so much fun sharing our space, as well as our story, with their awesome team. 

Dak and Co Design and Living Article Design & Living team with Dak & Co at the newly remodeled Studio



Dak and Co design and living article

Snapshot of Dak & Co team, Piet & Kayla the day of their Design & Living Interview

photo credits: Hillary Ehlen

Dak and Co Design and Living Article

Piet & Kayla of Dak & Co posing with their article.

Photo credits: Revel Woods Photography


Our Partnership with Leela & Lavender

In October we partnered with the the new & fabulous boutique, Leela & Lavender who agreed to be the first shop to carry our line. Leela & Lavender, a fashion and gift boutique, is dedicated to helping all women to discover their best self. We celebrated our collaboration at their Grand Opening in November.

Dak and Co Leela and Lavender Dak & Co Apparel display at Leela & Lavender 

Dak & Co Pop Up at Leela and Lavender

dak and co at leela and lavender Piet & Kayla at their Pop Up at Leela & Lavender Grand Opening


dak and co with leela and lavender

Piet & Kayla with Jill Shea and Laura Polanski of Leela & Lavender 

Photo Credits: Hillary Ehlen


Debuting our Pop Up Shop at APT Holiday Market 

We fell in love with the Pop Up Shop concept by participating in the APT Holiday Market this holiday season. APT, the Artist Incubator, and our home, opened it's doors to an on-going seasonal Open House for shoppers to enjoy artist, creative one-of-a-kind gifts. They also took in light shows, music events, food and other cultural experiences that added to the appeal. The APT Holiday Market will continue through January 6th.

APT Holiday Market Downtown FargoEntrance to the APT Holiday Market 

Dak and Co Studio APT Holiday Market FargoThe Debut opening of the Dak & Co Studio Pop Up Shop

Dak and Co Pop up APT Market FargoDak & Co open for business

APT Holiday Market downtown FargoArtist Talk at APT Holiday Market

photo credits: Chelsey Engelhard


In closing

We are so incredibly thankful for all this year brought into our lives. We met wonderful friends, partners and supports. We truly feel the community of Fargo has welcomed us with open arms. 

We are Thankful for this past year, and all of the adventures we had.

We are Grateful for all of the amazing people we got to meet and share stories with.

We are Hopeful for what's to come in 2018. We can't wait for all of the new adventures to have and people to meet. We especially can't wait to continue to see smiles on the faces of all of our friends we made in 2017. 

So, cheers to you, and the joy you've brought to our lives. In the blog post below we celebrate, not only a great 2017, but also to celebrate all of you, and how you made our hearts full.


Piet & Kayla





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