Ways To Take Time for R & R

By now, you may be feeling the winter is getting to be a bit longer than you'd like. I know I've been having that feeling lately. We're stir crazy to get outside and enjoy warm spring days that are to come. For the time being, those days can look far away. These thoughts can have us caught up in the winter blues, and miss out on the beauty of life that still surrounds us. 

Often times we can escape with a vacation, but what if we can't? Lately Piet and I have been to busy getting ready for spring events with Dak & Co, and don't have means to fit in a sandy-beach vacation. However, we do value positive effects that taking a break, and practicing a bit of self care brings. So we decided to get creative, and find ways ways to rejuvenate ourselves, from right where we are.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane  

Piet hanging Dak Wall Hanging

Dak & Co Studio Renovation Photo by M.Schleif Photography

A lot times both Piet and I get caught up in the daily grind, that we forget to look back at what we've all accomplished. There is value in taking time to give yourself a pat on the back every so often. For one, it reminds you of your purpose and why you started in the first place. It's almost like reminiscing of your first date you had with your parter. It brings on feel-good feelings and fondness for them. The same can go for anything you're working on, from relationships, to jobs, to starting a business. 

Piet and I did this by taking a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon to jot down big wins we had in this last year of business, such as making some of our first designs, to creating our studio at the APT Artist Incubator to sharing our story with Design & Living Magazine


Enjoy a Staycation

lunch with friends

Recently I was feeling particularly burnt out from long hours spent on the computer. I had planned to get out of town with a couple of girlfriends for a weekend trip. Right as we were planning to go, the weather took a turn, and sent a large snowfall our way. When I met up with the girls, we all agreed that it probably wasn't the best idea for us to make the 3 hour drive to go shopping. Despite the weather, we decided to plan a staycation, and take the afternoon to go shopping and grab dinner together. 

Even though we didn't get out of town for the day, simply taking intentional time away from work and enjoying catching up with friends did wonders in the relaxation department. Plus, it never hurts to decompress over a shoe shopping adventure. 

Indulge in a creative outlet

creative outlet

I find one of the best ways to let my mind go is to partake in something creative that is not related to creativity at work. Examples would be taking a cooking class, an art class, or one of my personal favorites, a dance class. Piet and I made a goal for this year to learn at least one kind of parter dance together. 

What I like about this practice one of these is that it still activates your mind, without feeling like it's work, which eliminates any unneeded pressure. It's important to take time for a bit of creative fun every once in a while. 

Now, go kick your feet up for a bit

relaxing catPhoto by M.Schleif Photography

I'm telling you, it'll be so worth it in the end. Taking rest has a way of creating momentum. When you take a break from the daily grind, or take a step back from a project you've been working on, it creates space for rejuvenation and new ideas. It can spark a new perspective which may end up moving you forward faster in the long run. Practicing any or all of these ideas can help keep your work-life balance happy and healthy. 






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