Ways to "Edit" Your Wardrobe on a Budget

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A Conversation with Design & Living Editor, Becca Opp

becca and rose

Redefining Your Style

Spring is here, and if your'e like me, you may have the "bug" to add a few new items to our closet. With each season I enjoy redefining my style by bringing in something fresh and new. This season It's all about easy breezy pieces you can throw on and go, as opposed to winter's layers upon layers of clothes. To me spring is so freeing in that nature as you shed the layers from the previous winter season. 

Many of us young professionals are on a budget - which means there's not always a lot of room for updates in our closet...so we thought! The truth is, there are ways to freshen up your style without breaking the bank! And some of them I'd never thought of before my conversation with Becca. 

A Bit About Becca

Becca, a native of Glen Ullin, North Dakota is a passionate editor, lover of cats and all-around awesome gal who's lived in Fargo for 6 years now and loves what this city has to offer. As editor of Design & Living, A Spotlight Media publication, each month Becca has the opportunity to be inspired by incredible homes and their owners in the Fargo Moorhead area. 

When I asked Becca about how she found her personal style she opened up about not having many shopping options when she was younger. It wasn't until she started traveling and going to college that she really started developing her look.

"I gradually started to develop my own sense of style. I pretty much just wear whatever I like - and it changes all the time. If that means 10 years from now I look back and say 'What was I thinking?' Then I'm totally fine with that, as long as it makes me happy in the moment...I just wear what makes me happy. I think that helps me connect with other people too."

Becca Opp

Tips to Find Good Style on a Budget

1) Have a Clothing Swap: It's something that can help you if you're looking to try things out and you're not sure if they're going to pieces that you keep forever. Try trading clothes with a friend.

2)  Go Thrifting - A low investment to start experimenting with your personal style. Bring a friend you trust to help you out. 

3) Online Window Shopping -  Find things you like online and put them in your cart or on a Pinterest board. If you find yourself coming back to the same item or items, they're probably a good fit for you to have in your wardrobe. 

4) Visit Locally Owned Stores - Boutique staff are very helpful and they'll tell you if something looks good on your or not. They're friendly and honest about helping you out. Boutiques really care about the client and giving them something they're going to want to wear. 

5) Invest in Accessories - Sometimes I find myself buying accessories from higher end boutiques and sites because they're often still in my budget. It gives me a sense of luxury without spending on a larger pieces. 

Becca and Rose

 Listen to Our Interview

Hear our entire conversation of tips and tricks along with getting to know more about Becca and her advice on finding and celebrating your own personal style!


About Our Guest

Becca Opp | Editor of Design & Living Magazine | Speciality: curating and writing stories about amazing homes in the Fargo Moorhead area | Fun Fact: Becca is a lover of all-things-vintage. Most of the items in her home and in her wardrobe are vintage.

Socials | Insta @becca_opp | Design & Living @designandlivingmagazine

Facebook fb.com/designandlivingmagazine

Website | designandlivingmagazine.com

Photography Credits

Becca with her cat Rose captured by Nicole Midwest Photography

Becca in Art Gallery captured by Hillary Ehlen

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