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Spring Is A Time for Renewal & Refreshment

Every year around this time I feel inspired to refresh and rediscover myself. This year I thought it would be perfect to share this experience with you and hopefully help you find inspiration as well! To me, there's no better time then as the seasons change from winter to spring. Spring, in itself, is a time for renewal - a time for a fresh start and new life. 
Let's face it, most of us are getting tired of this long ongoing winter and are ready to bust our of our cooped-up states and reawaken our senses. (I know I am!)
As a creative designer, I'm come to these points periodically throughout the year, usually around a season change. I'm itching to take on new adventures, collaborations and I get in the mood to find my creative spark! 
This spring has been particularly hard to find my groove and I've felt a little lackluster in my creativity - and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I thought to myself, if I can't find creativity within, why don't I reach out to other creatives, designers & artisans to find inspiration through their creative gifts and talents, and to share my journey right here!
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Let Your Dream Be Bigger than Your Fears

Honestly, the idea of putting myself out there is a little scary. Especially when it comes to talking about the difficulties I've had finding inspiration the last few months. Rediscovering my identity of who I am as a creative, both personally and professionally is even scarier - mostly because I like the comfort of the known and fear the unknown.
I keep having to remind myself that renewal can't come from staying stagnant. And I know in my heart I'd rather be on this journey of discovery than being stuck in a comfort zone that is lackluster. I guess you can say I'm drawn to adventure and thrive in the idea of change. 
So to quote the artwork above, I'm letting my dreams be bigger than my fears. I'm letting go of my perfection complex and reaching out to others for help in this journey. I, in turn, hope to reciprocate inspiration and encouragement to all who come along for the ride!
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What's Does This All Mean

You may be asking what this whole self-discovery journey I'm taking means for you. It means that I'll be sharing all the highs, the lows, and the discoveries that I find within this season with you in hopes to inspire you to embrace your sense of creativity, your sense of wonder and, of course, your sense of personal style - because "style" is more than simply what you wear, but it's your "ness" it's what makes you, you! It's your unapologetic expression of yourself in your truest form. It's how you take that information and create with it. It doesn't have to be the next award-winning painting or hit song on the radio. It's in the little things - like making kick-butt pancakes people will drool over, or developing a skill you've always wanted to but never had the guts to. It's about finding inspiration in others and giving inspiration to others - because we're all kind of stuck in this thing called life together, and it's time to live it! 

What's In Store

Stay tuned as we share the stories of local creative, designers and artisans in the community who are living life in alignment with their creative calling. Whether you be a creative struggling to break into a market, a seasoned veteran in the design world looking to reinvent yourself, or are simply trying to bring more creativity into your every-day life, tune in each week to be inspired!

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