Tips On How To Curate Your Closet

Inspired by my conversation with small business owner, Emily Brooks. 

Emily Brooks Taea Made

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I first met Emily, owner of her handmades business, Taea Made, while we were working at a creative event together. We were both chalk artists at The Arts Partership's Chalk Fest held in Fargo, ND. Since then we started connecting on both creativity business and on style. A fun fact about Emily is she and her husband  also own Fargo Pinball, Fargo's only pinball club! I was more than excited to have her share more of her style insight on an episode of Find Your Style. 

About Emily and Taea Made

Emily has always been a maker, and comes from a family which encouraged making, crafting and art. With her mom being a Home ec teacher, Emily was exposed to sewing and other crafts. With her business, Taea Made she specializes in creating unique home decor and accessories. On the background to her story she states: 

"My passion is making amazing home goods, and accessories that bring you joy! I love working with my customers to create pieces that are unique. My specialties are machine embroidery, upcycling, and mural painting."

Belu Photography

photo by Belu Photography 

The first time Emily thought of selling her hand made items was when Unglued was gearing up for their first Craft Fest. Before the event, a friend of hers told her she should apply and sell there. She took a chance, applied and got in as a vendor. Fast forward 6 years and Emily continues to create handmade products for Taea Made along with custom designs for clients. Her products can be found at Unglued Market, the FM Visitors Center,  Amy's Hallmark as well as other stores across the US.

You can also find her online at and on her Facebook Page.

Emily Brooks Taea Made Unglued Craft Fest

Emily's Tips on Curated Style

When I spoke with Emily, I learned, much like myself, she has her own approach creating a closet that works for her. She looks at style with eyes of a curator and chooses only pieces that work to keep in her closet. 

"I want to curate my closet in a way that is meaningful to me and that presents me in the way that I want to be seen too." 
- Emily Brooks 

Kayla Cote van Rensburg Style

photo by Hillary Ehlen 

Emily has a go-to style that works for days where she's on the go and doesn't have time to change clothes for each type of engagement she's headed to. She creatively calls this style of outfit her "Mom Uniform", and it consists of a pair of leggings, a stretchy tunic to or dress and boots. 

Emily Brooks

"I'm a busy mom, and so many times I have to go from one event to another. Some things that I go to are dressier and some are more causal and I want to be comfortable all the time." 
- Emily Brooks

Focus On Pieces That Matter Most To You

A lot of pieces Emily has in her closet are pieces she's held on to for a long time. When she buys new pieces she buys something that has to speak to her. She buys items that will work with items she already has. She also has read the KonMari book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, which has helped her adapt a de-cluttered closet. 

Emily's approach to style can be an inspiration to many of us who are attempting to declutter our space and find meaning in the clothes we put on our body. We want to feel our best and put our best foot forward while finding comfort and satisfaction in what we wear. My advice to you is to ditch the clothes that you don't wear and focus on the feel-good pieces you love! 

Want More?

Check out my full conversation with Emily on this weeks episode of Find Your Style!






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