The Story of How Fargo Event Shirts & Shots Event Came To Life

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You may have already heard, but this Saturday is the big day for our Shirts & Shots Event, which celebrates community through creators Proof Artisan Distillers, Fargo Coffee & Dak & Collaboratives. We came together to bring you an event where you can come, chill and connect with the community. We're kicking the night off with a social hour from 4pm - 5pm followed by live music by XPLOR Music and a Coffee-inspired Mixology class by Proof's Andrea Anderson. We're also kicking off our month-long Dak & Co Pop Up Shop in Fargo Coffee.

We've created a special for the evening called a teeshirt-in-a-mug, which is your choice of tee shirt and a limited edition mug. With your purchase you get a free Dak-accino, which is a peanut butter & chocolate frappuccino (someone say yummmm!) The mug + tee combo is at a special price of $39 for that evening!

teeshirt in a mug

The Fargo Moorhead community is great at many things, but where it truly shines is how the community members come together to make things happen. We had one of those experiences when we came up with the idea of Shirts & Shots.

"We really love the opportunity to create community in Fargo and to have a place where people can connect with others." 

- Nicole Steen 

When we first started brainstorming the event, we brought in a variety of creative individuals who all brought an idea to the table. Our ideas blended together into a "creative cocktail" so-to-speak, and the flavor each of us added made our idea come alive.

Andrea Anderson

Photo by M.Schleif Photography

When I asked mixologist Andrea Anderson what her favorite part of creating drinks for people was, she told me;

"The most fun part about doing mixology is it's all personal taste, it's like finding your style. It's like finding your own way of how you like to do things."

- Andrea Anderson

Like Andrea, I feel the same. Finding your style is about celebrating who you are through your own unique and personal style. Staying authentic to you is truly beautiful, and brings out your very best.


On behalf of everyone who's made this event possible, we hope to see you there and enjoy an evening of creative, authentic fun.

This event is free to the community. Details specifically on Andrea's Mixology class can be found on Eventbrite. 21+ to attend the Mixology class, but all are welcome to shop, enjoy coffee and listen to live music. 

For more check out our conversation on the latest episode of Find Your Style!

You can find our Guest Andrea Anderson mixing up some awesome drinks at Proof Artisan Distillers.

Fun Fact about Andrea | She is featured in a Jack Daniels recipe book!

You can find our guest Nicole Steen as part of the Fargo Coffee Brick and Mortar as well as at the Thunder Coffee Pop Up Coffee Shop! 

Fun Fact about Nicole | She teaches Yoga to Veterans at the VA Hospital.


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