The Benefits of Creative Collaborations: A Conversation with Nicole Mendoza

Nicole Mendoza

This week on the show I had the pleasure of interviewing the energetic, bubbly and extremely talented, Nicole Mendoza. Nicole is all over Fargo working with creative teams as well as for herself in her photography business, Nicole Midwest Photography & Media.

After sitting down to coffee with her for the first time a couple weeks back, I realized we had a lot in common - including our passion for creative collaborations. I realized I had to have her on the show to hear even more about her and the value she has on creative collaborations.

In our candid conversation, we answer questions like how creative collaborations impact the community, and how you can get started finding people to collaborate with.

How Are Creative Collaborations Beneficial?

Truly, how are they not? They are great for networking, they are great for growing business relationships and they also create a group of individuals who can represent each other as well as depend on each other. It can also be a great way to build up referrals between each other.

"Referrals are really important. When you have a business that not only works a lot with you, it means they believe in you and they  enjoy time spent with you. Being able to refer them, it really goes a long way."

-Nicole Mendoza 

They Help Bring Ideas To Life


As creatives, we like to bounce ideas off of each other and sometimes we need this interaction to help bring our ideas to life. By working together we can bring together a group of skills to make our ideas become reality. It also helps us enjoy the experience of creating something.

"When you find someone you can collaborate with, your idea happens faster and comes to life."

-Kayla Cote van Rensburg

Kayla in vintage couch

How You Can Collaborate

It can seem hard to start collaborating because you have a ton of ideas and you can see the end goal, but you may be having trouble getting started. We've put together some key tips on how break that barrier and find ways to jump start your networking and find creative collaborations to be a part of.

1) Start Local - Your local communities are a great way to get your foot in the door. Local small businesses are going to be more open to hearing your ideas. Send a letter or schedule a visit with one of their team members. You may get rejected at first, but keep putting yourself out there because someone will eventually say yes. 

2) Volunteer - Seek out volunteer opportunities to help at a creative event. Small businesses or even larger corporations who put on events are always open to help. While at the event you can network and meet people who you may be able to collaborate with.

3) Look the Part and Be Ready for Anything - You never know who you are going to meet. Start tailoring your wardrobe to create a positive representation of yourself as your brand. Also, simple things like carrying your business cards on you can help in a situation where you meet a potential collaborator in passing. Even if you don't have a business, you should have some sort of contact card - even it if's simply your name and what you do. Invest in a well-designed card that represents you and your brand. 


Want to learn more?

Check out our show and hear our candid conversation about what it means to creatively collaborate, how to find opportunities and the importance of putting your best foot forward each day - because you never know where your next opportunity to collaborate may be! 


About Our Guest

Nicole Mendoza | Brand: Nicole Midwest Photography & Media | Instagram 

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