The Art of Failing Forward

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A Conversation with Brian Carmona

Brian Carmona

Photo by Andrew Stone

Yesterday I had one of those enlightening conversations that truly changed my perspective of how I view something which I thought I feared. It helped me put to rest a fear that always seems to find its way back into my thoughts. The word “failure” is a word none of us like to hear or think about yet we all have moments in our lives where we fear this very word, as it looms in our lives, waiting to enter into our reality. The good news is that we can (and should) change our perspective on the word, so it can propel us forward instead of hold us back.

Failing Forward

Yesterday in my conversation with Brian he told me about the concept of failing forward. Failing forward allows us to accept failure as a part of growth without letting it squash our dreams of success. It encourages us to be persistent and put ourselves out there in pursuit of achieving our goals while understanding and accepting failure as it comes. It also reminds us to openly expect to hear the word “no” and allow ourselves to continue moving forward knowing there will be opportunities for the word “yes”.

You may be asking how is it possible to do this? It is very much possible. The answer is to change our perspective on failure. Here are a few key ways to give our perspective a much-needed makeover. image

Recognize Failure as a Part of Growth

When we’re in hot pursuit of our dreams and goals we don’t even like to fathom the idea of setbacks. We have a vision, and we want to make it reality. Failure, in our eyes, is not an option. We find ourselves running and indubitably fearing failure, rather than accepting it as a part of growth. When we accept it for what it is, we can find ways to learn from it and actually get stronger and smarter because of it. Oftentimes failure helps shift our perspective on what we’re doing and allows new paths to open - paths we would have never thought of before it happened. Remember allowing ourselves to fail seasons us, matures us and prepares us for new opportunities that lie ahead.

Long story short: Be kind to yourself - you are not a robot.

Face Your Fears & Put Yourself Out There

At times we look at people who we think have success and forget about what it took for them to get there. We simply see the final product, their success. We don’t think about the failures and setbacks they’ve faced (and are still facing). Instead of thinking about all the success they’ve earned, look at their mindset, their perspective and persistence despite of failure. Failure doesn’t pick and choose victims, and nobody is immune to experiencing it. It’s what we do with it when it comes that matters.

"You have to work hard for what you want to do. Putting yourself out there and not being afraid of rejection is key. All it takes is just one person to say yes - and there is your opportunity."

- Brian Carmona

Invest In Others

When pursuing our dreams, we want investors. Whether it be monetary, advisory, or even to simply have a cheerleader, we want people to see us, like us and support us. The key to finding all of these things is to reciprocate it and invest in others. Be a person who intentionally fills others’ cups.

I always make it a point to give a compliment to someone who is making an effort in whatever they’re doing. This can mean anything to giving a compliment on someone’s outfit to giving someone a compliment on accomplishing a big goal or dream. The key is to do it with sincerity, honesty and love.

Keep Going Even When You Don’t Get The Answer You Thought You Wanted

So many times I’ve put myself out there and didn’t get what I thought I wanted in return. I found this to be a blessing in disguise because it forced me to take another look at what I was asking for, and who I was asking. Alot of times I realized that I wasn’t asking the right people, or asking for the right things. Many revelations came to me in times of uncertainty and rejection, and ultimately gave me new perspective.

The Takeaway is to keep going and never give up.  Opportunities are always around, and it's our responsibility to take them and make things happen. 

Watch Our Interview For More

Check out my conversation with Brian below to hear more! (P.S. Check out his awesome in-studio performance!)

About Brian

Brian Carmona | Speciality: Musician | Fun Fact: Brian considers himself a Chicano artist and part of his vision and purpose is to embrace and support diversity within creative culture.

Insta @xplormusic | Soundcloud XPLOR



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