Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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The title of this blog is one of those quotes Piet and I often go to to fuel us through challenges we face together. This was especially true this past January as we prepared to open the doors of our home to be featured in an article for Fargo publication, Design and Living Magazine for their February Edition as a feature on minimalistic style. 

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Piet and I enjoy opening our home to people, but this time around we had a unique set of challenges. About a week or so before the shoot and interview, we quickly became overwhelmed when we realized how much work had to be done to our place to have it photo ready. To be honest, we set some pretty lofty goals on ourselves, without considering how much time they would take to finish.

When Things Get Messy

Our goals were to not only have the apartment in tip-top shape (which meant getting all the cobwebs down from high places and finally unbox the last remnants from when we moved in,) but it also meant finishing a couple of decor projects around the house. Two of which included building the media table for the living room area and making some wooden frames for photos we wanted to hang up. The problem was that it was a week out from shooting, and we hadn't even started any of the projects.

Staying Determined

We decided we had two ways we could make it work. We either had to buy a media table and frames which would fit the theme of our home, or Piet would have to build everything by hand. That Saturday I was determined to find a table and frames that would work, and went shopping around town all afternoon. After having no such luck, and feeling defeated, I called Piet to give him the news. He could hear in my voice that I was really let down. When I asked him if he honestly felt he could make everything in time for the shoot, which was now only 6 days away, he kindly reassured me he would do whatever it took to get it done. I believed in him.

Photo by M.Schleif Photography

With long hours, hard work and a prayer or two, Piet was able to get the table built in time for the shoot. I remember visiting him late one night he was working at the shop. I noticed he was working on something else other than the media table. I couldn't believe it, he was working on the wooden frames I had really wanted. At first he didn't think he would be able to do them, but he ended up having just enough scrap wood, and somehow found some spare time, to make me the four frames we needed. It brought a tear to my eye when he smiled and told me his plans were to surprise me with them. 

Seeing him complete the table and frames gave me the confidence boost and extra drive I needed to get the rest of the place ready for the shoot. The day of the shoot ended up being a great experience and an opportunity to open our home and welcome new friends. The preparation for the home challenged us to grow in new ways, especially in teamwork. Teamwork truly did make the dream work. 

Read our article in Design & Living Here.

Design and Living photo by Design & Living

photo by Design & Living





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