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Samantha Lane

How Personal Style Influences Your Brand

Whether your styling your wardrobe or styling your brand, there are a few things that need to align for your style to resinate with people. Read on as we delve into a conversation I had with the amazingly-talented, Samantha Lane of Lettering By Samantha as we open up about finding your style identity and the importance of staying authentic to who you are. 
In past posts I talk a lot about personal styling and how to achieve a look that fits your personality, but I haven't talked about how to incorporate style into your brand. Now days so many of us are freelancers, or are doing freelance-based projects within a company. Now more than ever before we are becoming the face of our businesses, and we want to know how to reflect our brand as best we can. A huge component to that is by creating an authentic brand style that us unique, that stands out and most importantly, is authentic to who we are.

How to Put the Two Together

Samantha Lane photo by Nicole Midwest Photography

When I asked Sam how she works her sense of style into her brand, she told me this: 
"My style personally is very much just "Me. I often pick pieces and style myself in what I like and whats comfortable. and I try not to focus much on what's "in" because I want to be me, and that's reflected in my business."
"Every single piece I create for a bride or client is 100% unique to that client. I want every single piece that I put out there to be something that's special both when I create it - because I want to like what I'm creating - but also I want brides and clients to feel their piece is special."
This resinated with me on so many levels- as I also strive to bring my style into my Dak & Co's business style. When working in a business, especially a creative business, it's so important to hone in on the look and feel of your brand and to maintain those brand standards.
A great resource for how to get started styling your brand can be found in a great book Style Your Brand By Fiona Humberstone. This book was a game changer for me and my business- and I highly suggest you grab a copy for yourselves if you want to get on-point branding. 
Samantha Lane photo by Nicole Midwest Photography

A Few Tips to Stay Focused

It can be difficult to develop or re-work your brand style. But within my conversation with Sam, we discovered a few tips to get and keep you focused. 


1) Stay Authentic - Whether you're just getting started, or are looking to re-brand your business, staying authentic is key to capturing your audience. Staying authentic is an on-going, ever-changing challenge, and I know it's a challenge I often over think. One way to stay authentic is to know your identity (again, another challenge!) A good resource I've found to help me jump start finding my identity was on episode 95 of the Onward Creatives podcast: What is Real Identity? If you know your identity, you can create a more authentic brand. 

2) Be Open to Reinventing - Live is boring if we always stay the same, and with the demand of today's audience, we need to keep reinventing ourselves without jeprodisring the integrity of our brand standards. Just like reinventing our wardrobe, we can always add new pieces and new styles and still stay true to our core. 

3) Connect with Others - Creatives need connection to thrive and grow. Sometimes all it takes is a good conversation to spark a new idea or way to reinvent ourselves. A great resource for connecting with other creatives in the midwest is through a kick-butt group called Makewell

Want To Learn More?

Check out the entire conversation with Sam here to find even more tips and tricks on how to style your brand.



About Our Guest

Samantha Lane | Brand: Lettering By Samantha | Speciality: One of a kind, hand lettered signage and design | Fun Fact: Sam also has skills as a traditional artist. [Check out some of her awesome work on the window display of the White House Co. on 14 Robert Street.]

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