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Where & How To Find Great Style

Meet our Mavens 

Whitney Duden

Whitney is a fashion influencer, or what I like to call a fashion maven, connecting the community with where to find great style. Her approach makes it easy to find and integrate new looks into your wardrobe. You can find her and her fabulous style on Instagram and on!

Find her on Instagram: @whitney_lynne  and on Whitney_Lynne

Chrisanne Ebertz

Chrisanne is a local stylist and manager of Onyx + Pearl clothing boutique. She's making women feel damn good in what they wear and how they feel. You can find her at the Onyx + Pearl brick and mortar on 8th Street in Downtown Fargo. Follow her as she shows you epic style daily on the Onyx & Pearl Instagram! 

Find her on Onyx + Pearl Insta @onyx.and.pearl and on her Instagram @chrisanne.ebertz 

Sometimes searching for where to find good style can be difficult. Sometimes we have questions such; Where do I look for good local style? What trends should I really follow? How do I show my personality through my style? Luckily, I had the pleasure of chatting with two amazing ladies who are working in the community to help us answer questions like these. Read further as they shed the light on some of your biggest style questions.

Tips to Help You Find Your Style

Both Whitney and Chrisanne use social media as a platform to share their favorite looks and styles. Here are a few ways you can develop your personal style by using social media as a tool.

1) Watch Videos on Instagram - Chrisanne posts daily videos on the Onyx + Pearl Instagram Story of new looks and styles that come into the store. She models each new style and shares what it would pair well with, as well as how to wear it. She also gives advice on accessories such as shoes, jewelry and scarves, to enhance each look. Her videos can be a great way to see how the clothes fall on the body and gives you a better sense of how the outfits will look in-the-round.
2) Utilize - Whitney does a great job at giving you exactly where to find each of the pieces in the outfits she puts together. She uses a platform called which allows her to tag all the items found in each look, as well as additional items that are similar. For example, her latest post is of a tan and floral body suit with distressed denim shorts. She tagged those items as well as additional options, such as a black bodysuit and different cuts of denim shorts.
3) Reach Out - The great thing about following style mavens is that they're open about answering questions. If you have a question about a specific piece or look, reach out to them. They're usually more than happy to share what inspired their look or where they found it. 
4) Ask in Person - If you're still stuck finding looks that best fit you, stop in to a boutique and ask for help. Chrisanne does a great job of helping find new looks that truly help you look and feel your best! 
5) Stay Authentic - Nothing looks better than self confidence! So forget the idea that you have to own every single style trend that is out there. Instead, pick one or two trends that fit your personal style and leave the rest. Focus on what you like to wear, and wear it proudly. 
6) Don't be Afraid to Try Something New - Sometimes I look at an item hanging on a rack and think that it'll never work, but I try it on anyway. Hangers don't do clothes any justice, and sometimes a hidden gem can be found if it's simply tried on. It's a great way to grow in your personal style and find new pieces to love. 

Want More Tips?

Check out my 30 minute talk show with Chrisanne and Whitney to hear even more ways you can find your style! Plus check out our exclusive virtual tour of Onyx + Pearl boutique! 


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