A Positive & Well Lifestyle: How to Make This Your Reality

A Conversation With Lizzie Jensen

Lizzie Jensen

While sitting down for a makeup tutorial with Lizzie, which was awesome, what I found even more beneficial was the conversation we had on the importance of health from a holistic perspective. Lizzie, a mental health advocate, and I both agreed that life is always surprising us with peaks and valleys, which can have an effect on many facets of our wellbeing. We also realized that we can find ways to embrace each season for what it is, and even better, to learn from it. Lately I've been in a mindset where I've been particularly open to hearing others' perspectives and tactics on how they embrace both the high points, as well as the low points life brings us. It's been insightful, educational and has helped me conquer the naysaying inner voice in my own heart as well.

Having these conversations and experiences has helped me put together a good checklist for myself to get and keep me rocking and rolling through whatever life sends my way. It also keeps me accountable and aware of what my feelings and emotions are telling me. So here it goes: my checklist of questions I ask myself when I need to "check in" with my mind and with my lifestyle.

Am I doing Things I Truly Enjoy?

With our busy schedules, we often put ourselves last, resulting in either burnout or uninvited lows. When these feelings start to manifest, I use them as a notice, letting me know that something's off. Then I take a look at my schedule to see if I'm scheduling in hobbies and time with my husband outside of work. When those things start to waiver, everything starts to shift. Work gets overwhelming, I get distracted and worst of all, my creativity takes a toll. Most of the time if I adjust where I allocate my time to a more healthy balance, those symptoms start to lighten. Recently I've picked up Salsa Dancing with Salsa Friday - Downtown Fargo, which keeps me active and learning all at the same time.


Am I Listening To What My Body Is Telling Me?

I'm usually pretty good about checking in with my body but sometimes my healthy habits start to work adversely. When something becomes out of sorts, I look to environmental factors. It's easy to think of the worst case scenario, but often time it’s the little habits we've created that can kick us in the butt. Simple daily changes and mindfulness often are a big help to us in a small way. Recently I've been listening to podcasts by Naturally Randi Kay to help me stay mindful and listening to what my body is telling me.  

Am I Staying Educated?

Education is key when it comes to understanding the link between your mind, body and spirit. Having conversations with friends and family you trust is a great way to start. Reaching out to other services, such as books or professionals are other great tools to stay on top of these elements. I just started a great book called Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis which is a great read to help you put the little voice in the back of your mind in its proper place. It's a great read for both men and women and sheds light on the lies we tell ourselves every day.

Am I Spiritually Sound?

This one is oftentimes most overlooked, and truly should be the most important one of them all. In my personal experience as a Christian, recently I've come to a point in my life where I need to let Jesus in more than I have before. I've come to a point where I celebrate with Him in my heart every day, even if it's for simple things that seem mundane at the time. We are meant to celebrate the little things, and I'm telling you now, He's the best friend any of us can celebrate with. Check in with him once in a while, I'm sure He'd be happy to hear from you.



To quote the movie In Time, our time-traveling friend Tim Lake reminds us

"We're all traveling through time, together, everyday of our lives... All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable life."


Want more? Check out my conversation with Lizzie in our video below.



Lizzie Jensen | Speciality: Makeup Maven | Fun Fact: Lizzie was Miss North Dakota 2017 and took over duties for Cara Mund when she was crowned Miss America.

Insta @facesbylizzie & @lizzie_lives



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