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A conversation with James Cavo

James Cavo

I sat down with James and had a heartfelt conversation with him about dreams, goals, aspirations and how it really feels as you work on turning them into realities. We touched on many parts of the creative journey, including pioneering a creative idea to life in a place of growth. The idea of pioneering a creative idea can be exciting and scary all at the same time. Pioneers create movements in places that haven’t seen those movements yet. They see the potential for growth in new places, and also understand there may be resistance bringing an unfamiliar idea to a new place. Here are ways you can trailblaze your idea into life.


What do Pioneers Do?

Pioneers Embrace Change

It’s what they do best. They believe in being the change that people want to see, even if it is venturing into new territory.

J quote “You’re problem solving and you’re learning as you go and when you don’t have a place where there’s a lot of opportunity already created. I think a lot of it is having to create that traction, getting your voice [and your platform] out there, and network behind you, and creating familiarity.”

Pioneers Put Fear in Perspective

Getting a new idea out there can be a lonely place at times, and it’s important to find groups of people where you can get support. Today there are more networks than ever geared towards helping you build momentum to get your idea off the ground. It’s important to find the right fit and the best way to do that is to put yourself out there and try them out.

It's important to find both local and non-local groups to be a part of. Local groups are great for a few reasons. One is you can meet in person, whether in a large group or individually for a cup of coffee. You can problem solve in a live environment. Non-local groups give you an outside perspective

Pioneers Welcome Growth

“I've only been in Fargo for the last 6 year and from the beginning of my journey here to this point there has been such exponential growth.”

Pioneers focus their energy into fostering that growth and relationships with people around them. Welcome new ideas and be a part of conversations which stimulate growth throughout your community. Attending local events and meetups are sure ways to find people you can create and start projects with.

Pioneers Have Patience

This one is the toughest, because pioneers are always moving. For me personally I struggle with having patience. The times I do practice good patience I feel the rewards are always better than when I rush into something. It’s great to take opportunities when they come, while remembering to not be to “opportunistic.”

“Do know your timeline is not always going to align with the stars so you have to be willing to be flexible and let go of that sometimes because when that door opens, it opens and you’re gone.”

- James Cavo

As you go on your journey, pioneering and paving the way of new ideas, remember this:

“Hard work gets you so far, and does being a kind, good-hearted person. When you bring those together and you have trust in faith that God’s going to bring you where you need to go.”

Want to Hear More?

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James Cavo | Speciality: Acting, Production Manager, Modeling | Fun Fact: James was one of the first models I worked with when I started Dak & Co (you can find some of his images within our men's collection!) 

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