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Where My Love of Silk Started

Africa Silks

Silk is a fabric that evokes the senses and is rich in history. It's luxurious and has been used for centuries to create beautiful clothing and adornments. Ever since I was a little girl, silk has always intrigued me. I remember my mom showing me silk scarves from Japan which had belonged to my grandparents. The stories told through these silks were incredible. So when I stumbled across an authentic African Silk shop, I was beyond excited to explore! Little did I know that I would be in for a cultural experience I'd remember forever. 

A Unique Silk Shop

Africa Silks

While strolling the streets of Graskop, South Africa, a little shop caught my eye called Africa Silks. As I walked in I was greeted by an incredible staff who lead me through the shop. As I walked through the store, I saw beautiful crafted items which ranged from silk wearables, such as scarves and blouses, to pillows, table runners and other home decor. I was in heaven with all the colors and textures in the hand-made pieces. 

Africa Silks

When we arrived at the back, I was told the story of the intricate process of how silk was produced. After the ladies in the shop described the process, they showed me the very place each of the pieces was created. They greeted me with an African song and continued to carefully work each delicate piece of silk by hand. Each piece is a unique design. Colors, styles and textures varying from piece to piece.

A Surprise in the Making

Africa Silks

After hearing and seeing the production process live I was excited to brows through the shop. I came across a beautiful piece, a tailored jacket, which at first glance seems to be made from denim. I then learned that it was a denim blended with silk! I never knew how durable silk could be when blended with denim. I was so excited to have found a statement piece that will last me many years to come!


While I was shopping, Piet was searching for a lodge for us to stay at. After we finished up at the store, we decided to head to the lodge to get ready for dinner. We headed out of town, but I was worried because I thought we had gotten lost since we had been driving for a long time. Little did I know that Piet had a surprise up his sleeve.

A Unique Stay

Africa Silks Farm

When we finally got to our turn, I noticed the same "Africa Silks" that I had seen earlier in town at the shop. I thought it was weird they would have a location way out in the middle of nowhere. Then it hit me, I realized Piet had found the farm where the silk is harvested and I was immediately excited! 

Africa Silks

Not only does the farm produce silk, they also produce a variety of nuts and fruits. They also have a guest house with chalets adorned in silk products. It was a bit of wilderness and luxury all rolled into one romantic getaway. (I have to admit, the hubby did good!) 


The next day we took in a guided tour of the silk production process, finishing up with a beautiful showroom showcasing hand-made items. Seeing the farm-to-product process was incredible to see. It was a unique and culturally invigorating experience to see the love put into each piece, woven by hand.

 If you're interested in learning more about Africa Silks or booking a chalet on their farm, contact them here!





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