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Catching Up With Piet & Kayla

Piet and Kayla

We are more than excited to share with you guys a few of our secrets and resources which help keep us going in business and in life. The truth is, we all struggle from time to time because, let's be honest, we don't have all the answers all the time. However, there are ways to find what you need and keep going. Here are a few of our top ways to stay creative, motivated and exited to keep going each day.

Get Involved - Find Your Crew 

The Dak Crew

We all need a good support system, a group of people in our lives we can trust. This is so important in both moments of growth, as well as in moments of trials. Ask yourself: Who can I count on? And answer yourself honestly. You may be surprised by your answer. 

For us, we find different answers in different types of people. Our mentors help answer questions and strategically make decisions within our business. Our customers help shape our what we do by giving us feedback on how we can best serve them. Our colleagues help spark creative ideas, and bring them into reality.

Our mentors have truly helped shape our business and helped us pivot our direction when we need to. Jack and Valentina Fussel of Onward Creatives Podcast has been a great resource to help us creatively strategize and find our identity. They've collaborated with us to produce an episode on their show: 106: Kayla Cote van Rensburg talks business, fashion and personal style.

Our colleagues at Makewell have helped us creatively shape our business. They've also provided valuable resources, such as the 99U book series to help creatives start, shape and grow their businesses. 

P.S. a huge shoutout and thank you to M.Schelif Photography, another one of our colleagues and friend who provided all the imagery for this post!

Find Harmony (Because balance doesn't exist)

Piet van rensburg Kayla cote van rensburg

Yup! I said it! Balance doesn't exist, it's more-so about finding harmony within the chaos. In the past I've tried finding "balance" by setting a hard daily schedule - detailed down to what I'll be doing each hour. This may work for some people, but it surely didn't work for me. Now days I focus on time blocking, rather than by-the-hour scheduling. Time blocking allows me to work on a task or group of tasks related to that category. For example, I time block every Wednesday morning to write this blog. I also set time aside specifically for meetings, design work and pop up shops along with personal time off, like Piet and my Thursday date night. The key for me is creating harmony by knowing when I can be flexible, as well as when I need to make a hard deadline.

Have Your Go-To Resource List 

Piet van Rensburg Kayla cote van rensburg

We all get stuck sometimes, and what we've found to be extremely helpful in those times is a good list of resources to have your back. Whether it be a good podcast, or getting lost in a book, these are a few tried-and-true nuggets of gold we've found along our journey. 


Piet's Picks: Gary Vee | How I built This
(psst! Check out our guest podcast episodes here: Onward Creatives Episode 106 & Cultivate Curiosity Episode 7 Digital Business Part 3.)


We've mentioned a few earlier, but here's our current favorite books on our inspiration list. 

What's Next for Dak & Co

We've got a few new adventures in store for you this season! One of them is our Fall/Winter collection debut at Eco Chic Home September 8th. Join us from 9am - 6pm to be the first to shop the new collection. I'm telling you guys, it'll be worth the stop! We'll be launching not only our super-fun teeshirts, but also our boutique menswear and ladies tops! 

We will also continue our monthly Pop Up Shop at Folkways Night Bazaar, with the next one being September 27th! Join us on the Red River Market grounds in Downtown Fargo to enjoy an evening of live music, local brews, food trucks and awesome local vendors! 

Starting September 1st We will be working with West Acres Mall to bring you exciting items & experiences they have in store this fall season! Keep your eyes open on their Blog as well as their Instagram newsfeed and story! 

Watch for us in September's Fargo Monthly and Design & Living Magazine! A huge thank you to Spotlight Media for collaborating with me (Kayla) to bring you design & style advice. Each month in Design & Living you can read "Locally Trending" locally-inspired and locally-sourced decor for your home! Coming this September be sure to catch me in Fargo Monthly as I tell my story of personal style as well as a few of my favorite pieces from my closet! 

Want More?

Check out our 30 minute conversation on Find Your Style Here!

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