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Meet the Lovely Laura Concetta

Laura Concetta
Laura, of the Laura Concetta clothing line was born in Cape Town, South Africa and lived and graduated High School in Durban Natal, South Africa. After graduation she attended The European Fashion Design School in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her dad was an Italian, living in Rome, and had moved to South Africa when he was a young man. Her mother, of a German and French background, was born in South Africa. Laura now calls Fargo, North Dakota home, and has lived here for the last ten years.

Over 20 years ago Laura came over to the USA with her family.  While her father was an antique dealer in America, she worked for his company she was able to travel over nearly all of the 50 states attending auctions with him. She fell in love with antiques and the vintage style and the Victorian era. Laura says both the vintage style and Victorian era inspire her designs.

"The whimsical romance of those times are so beautiful and inspiring." 

- Laura Concetta

Laura Concetta

What Inspires Her Design

She's taken many workshops and studies, and has spent many years perfecting and working on her point of view to bring about a unique statement piece of wearable art clothing.  She finds inspiration in her love for the ocean and nature as well as  exotic warm places that she's  lived in. Among these are Hawaii, Florida and Duban. Her design label, Laura Concetta comes from her name which has been passed down through generations. Concetta is her middle name as well as the name of her Italian Grandmother.

"I love creating art to wear with fine handmade details. My mother is a very talented fine portrait artist which also inspires the art side of my fashion design. "

- Laura Concetta

You will find the influence of Africa and oceans in her dyed fabric making techniques, the artwork which she creates on panels of fabrics, including making her own patterns. I believe in the magnificent creation of the God of the bible which is what inspires her most of all.

Laura Concetta

Get to Know Laura Concetta

Laura travels to do fashion exhibits and shows nationwide. Laura says experiencing different cultures and places, the colors, nature and artists along the way inspire her as well.
"One of my cotton Jackets are named after the Arizona sunsets."
- Laura Concetta
Over the last 15 years, Laura has owned a few retail stores while living in the United States. Within those stores she's sold her own designs as well as other lines and products. For the last five years she's been focused on exclusively carrying her own designs.

Laura Concetta is not your average boutique style. Her unique, limited edition artistic pieces bring in a select clientele.

"A Laura Concetta collector is someone that likes the unusual very feminine art-to-wear clothing." - Laura Concetta

Although her pieces are very artistic in nature, she does appeal to a more traditional audience who adds a piece into their wardrobe for a special occasion look. 
Laura Concetta

Her Advice to Other Creatives

"I like to inspire other creatives and designers to follow their dreams and never give up. When you love what you do you never work a day in your life. I do so agree. I truly love what I do and have turned my fashion career into art and creativity." 
 - Laura Concetta

What's next for Laura? As a small business owner, she plans to continue narrowing her focus, growing her business and continue designing and creating. You can find her online and can make an appointment to visit her Fashion House in Fargo.

Instagram        @lauraconcetta8435

Etsy                  Laura Concetta

Phone               218 - 329 - 1184


Clothing, Laura Concetta | Model, Nicole Nowacki | Photography, Cote Creative, LLC. All rights reserved.
Laura Concetta


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