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Get the look: Romper - Onyx & Pearl, Button Down Shirt - Express

Style V.S. Fashion

Fashion's main focus is to push an ongoing array of trends across our radar as quickly as possible. Some of these trends are great, some not so great. Style is knowing how to decipher between the two. Style is also about staying true to who you are and wearing what you like, despite the ongoing flood of trends. 

"Style is knowing how to look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks to get there."

This is not to say that trends are inherently bad. Trends are good, and without them, style wouldn't be ever-evolving. For me, it's all about finding harmony. I love classic pieces, which take up about 80 percent of my wardrobe. I also like to funk it up a bit by bringing in a trend or expressive element here and there. I feel trends help keep a wardrobe fresh, while classics keep you constant and true. 

Romper Onyx & Pearl

Get the look: Hat - Onyx & Pearl, Romper - Onyx & Pearl, Shoes - Onyx & Pearl

Less is More

We've all had experiences where we've had to keep a tight budget. This can sometimes mean our shopping budget has to be smaller than we want it to be. The good news is, through my personal experience with this I've gotten some pretty awesome (and savvy) secrets to keeping my wardrobe fresh without breaking the bank! I've got tons of secrets up my sleeve, but for today I'm sharing 3 essentials for living the "Less is More" lifestyle.

1. Learn how to work your pieces in new ways

I do this all the time, and I actually find it super fun and creative to work pieces into new looks. A great example of this is in the video below, where I work 4 pieces into 6 outfits. Yes! 6 entire outfits out of only 4 pieces. 

2. Get Savvy with Shopping Sales

Within the last two weeks I've brought 3 new pieces into my wardrobe (which is nearly unheard of in my life.) I happened to find 3 awesome pieces on the sale racks of some of my favorite stores. My finds were a sparkly taupe romper [Onyx & Pearl] I scored for $20 bucks - it had been $102, A classic button-down blouse in soft mauve [Express at West Acres] which is normally $50, and I got it for $21 on a flash sale and finally, a funky mesh body suite which had been over $50 and I got it for $19 [Victoria's Secret at West Acres.] The key is to be away of sales and not to fear the sale rack. You can hear more about all of these pieces in the video below!

3. Buy Pieces You Really Love

Whenever I'm out searching for new pieces, I always ask myself one question before making a purchase. "How much do I love this piece?" If the answer is less than totally loving it I'll hold off. If I end up still thinking about the piece a week or two later, I'll go back and try it on again. If I don't totally love it, I risk it ending up not getting worn and taking up valuable real estate in my closet.

Get the look: Romper - Onyx & Pearl, Bodysuit - Victoria's Secret

How-To Style 4 Pieces into 6 Outfits

Check out my 20 minute how-to video here! If you hear or see something you like, check the show notes below for further details! 


xo - Kayla



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