How to Get Creative with Cost Conscious Style

My Conversation With Bridget Courneya

Bridget Courneya

Bridget, a philanthropist and newlywed, has practiced the art of cost conscious style all throughout her life. Through this she's found creative ways to foster amazing style even while on a budget. 

Being petite, much like myself, Bridget has developed a keen eye for what types of pieces which compliment her frame. When shopping, she sticks to classic, tailored pieces and trusted brands she knows. She's intentional about what she buys and embraces her own style. No matter what your shape or stature, you can find pieces that embrace who you are and give you confidence.

Her cost conscious style has influenced her purchases while living abroad. She was able to find authentic pieces that remind her of her adventures and travels. 

"I lived in Norway for a while during my undergraduate and studying abroad. And even while I was in Norway I would go to thrift stores and I would look for things that really inspired me but kind of told a story of where I was living."

- Bridget Courneya 

Bridget's Favorite Fargo Finds


Bridget hits up clearance sections of her favorite stores. Target clearance is a good go-to for Bridget as well as places like The Gap and Old Navy. Being Petite, Bridget has luck finding great styles in the kids sizes.

"One of my recent favorite finds is from the kids section at Old Navy. It's the same thing but it's little smaller in the inseam and not quite as long of sleeves and about half the price."

- Bridget Courneya 

Thrift stores and consignment stores are another place Bridget finds great pieces.  Clothes Mentor in Fargo is one of her favorite consignment stores. You can find quality style statements while keeping a budget. Bridget's style is contemporary and professional. She looks for key pieces and keeps her intensions aligned with her true style while shopping at thrift stores. She believes, and has proven through her great sense of style, that you can find stylish pieces without spending designer dollars. 
Bridget Courneya

"Especially shopping at thrift stores I always look for classic patterns that I know won't go out of style and same with cuts of dresses."

- Bridget Courneya 

The Three "Cs" To Remember When Thrifting 



Find colors that work compliment you. Jot down some go-to colors that you know always look good. When you like the color of a garment, you're more likely to feel confident while wearing it. 


This one is HUGE! The cut of a garment can make or break your confidence while wearing it. Take note of your features: Are you tall? Are you short? What's cuts look good with your shape? If you know the answers to these questions you're more likely to have good luck while thrifting. 


Classic pieces are wardrobe staples. A well fitting blazer, comfortable denim and a few good basic tees can do wonders for your wardrobe. Keep your eyes open for these types of pieces while thrifting.

Getting Creative With Old Purchases

Start Creative Business

Sell Your Old Clothes Online

Shops like Poshmark and ThreadUp allow you to buy and sell from other others online. Think of it like direct-to-seller online consignment. They both can benefit you in different ways. With Poshmark buyers can post items that sellers can search specifically for. ThreadUp is great because it has a return policy, which makes it easy to shop for different styles you want to experiment with. 

Start A Side Hustle 

Bridget told me an idea for a business she's currently dabbling in. After her recent wedding, people approached her wanting to buy her decor. She wasn't quite ready to part with the items but agreed that she could rent them out instead. This sparked her to start her side hustle of wedding decor rentals. 

Whether it's setting up an account to sell your old clothes, or starting a side hustle, you can create a successful way to make a little cash for your stuff. A great resource I've found is to get yourself involved with a creative business start up group or podcast, such as Onward Creatives

Courneya Wedding

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