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Piet Kayla Magnolia Market Silobration

This month Piet and I've had so many great opportunities to be a part of creativity in communities, both locally and nationally. Today's post paints a picture of our experiences from two of our most recent adventures: One being our visit to Magnolia Market for the Silobration in Waco, TX, and the other being our recent collaboration with the Creative Plains Foundation in Fargo, ND. 

Who would have thought two completely different towns would have so much in common. One similarity that stands out to me between Waco and Fargo is how both communities are working hard to infuse their areas with creativity and a sense of togetherness.

Silobration 2018

Finding Inspiration at the Silos

As most of you know, Waco is home to Chip and Joanna Gaines, owners of Magnolia Market and stars of HGTV's Fixer Upper. Ever since the show first aired, I've been inspired by what their doing in Waco, TX. Their renovation stories restore life and bring love to the community where they live. Fixer Upper also created an international movement and inspired people to pursue their dreams and aspirations. 


Silobration 2018


When arriving at the Silos I was met with a sense of awe. I was in awe of Chip and Jo for the beauty they restored to an area where, prior to renovation, people probably simply thought of as a run-down space. 

Chip and Jo took notice in the Silos and saw the diamond in the rough that was presented to them. Now the Silos is home to Magnolia Market and is a bustling place filled with togetherness, creativity and community where people travel far and wide to see. Their vision to restore life into this area spoke to me and inspired me to look further into how I could be a creative visionary in my own community of Fargo-Moorhead.

Bringing It Home

Together we create

One opportunity to bring creativity into our community has come through our collaboration with the Creative Plains Foundation and The Arts Partnership. Together we've created the I Am Fargo Moorhead event, an event which celebrates creativity in kids by letting them design their own tee teeshirt. Piet and I will be there as Dak & Co to help each kid create a teeshirt that speaks to them, encourage their individuality and creativity. 

The team at the Creative Plains Foundation, as well as support from The Arts Partnership has been key in making this happen. They've organized the event as part of the Pangea event, which celebrates our community’s traditions and cultures with this local, multi-ethnic showcase of music, dance, culinary arts and children’s activities. This event is a great example of people coming together to bring a creative experience to our community. 

Where, When and Who


The Pangea event will be held at Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead. (You can find more about Pangea here, and more about I Am Fargo Moorhead here!) Kids ages 4 - 12 are welcome to create their own teeshirt design to take home with them. We encourage everyone to come out and celebrate creativity and culture in our community! 


Go Forth, Make Good

Joanna Gaines puts it in the perfect words: 
"You Have Been Made Ready"
This message spoke loud and clear to both Piet and I and reminded us of our mission in our community: To collaborate, to celebrate and foster a creative community with all we do. 

Silobration 2018


Want More?

Check out my chat with Chris and Nichole of the Creative Plains Foundation here!

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