How to Embrace Your Story & Share It: A Conversation with Ellie Ann's Interior Design

Susan Brandjord

Everybody has a story, and each of our stories are unique to us and none like any other. Our stories are filled with peaks and valleys, turns and twists, highlights and lows. Each of our experiences make us who we are and each of them can be used as tools to grow as we continue our journey.

Ellie Ann's Interior Design in Bottineau, North Dakota truly creates style for your home. They specialize in giving each client their own unique experience and captures each of their stories within the interior design of their space. 

A Business with Family At Heart

Susan Brandjord's story began when she at first thought she was destined to have a career in the medical field since both her grandmother as well as her mother were both nurses. She also was at her Grandmother's side while she went through ovarian cancer and radiation fro ovarian cancer. Susan wanted to pursue a career in radiation. 

When she first started on her college career path she soon realized this was not the path for her and that she truly was a creative at heart. She went on to study business instead and soon after went on to pursue a business in Interior Design. 

Ellie Ann's Interior Design


Ellie Ann's got its name from a combination of Susan's daughters names. Susan's twin sister, Nicole Schmidt, also works with her in the business. She and her sister developed their sense of color, proportion and scale from all the hours we spent growing up coloring with crayons in coloring books. 

"Something so simple can really be such a touchpoint - a marker - into what happens further down in life."

- Susan Brandjord 

The rose in the Ellie Ann's logo is a fond reminder of their grandmother, Fern, who was their best friend growing up. As they keep going in business, Susan stays motivated and feels her grandmother's guidance as they continues to grow in business. 

Ellie Ann's Interior Design

A Design Experience Like No Other

Susan's motivation came from her feelings that your home should be your refuge. Our homes need to be our refuge more than ever. Designing your home should be a positive, nurturing experience for you.

The moment the you walk in the doors at their design studio in Bottineau, ND, the team at Ellie Ann's welcomes them and tailors their design experience to them. Their design style is Livable Sophistication. Right when you walk through the doors you can feel the sense of what they can offer. 

"We truly mean we want to give them an experience, a positive one." 

- Susan Brandjord 

The beauty of Ellie Ann's is that they pay special attention to capturing your story within the space you live. 

"When someone walks through our doors or calls us on the phone our goal is: How can we positively affect this person."

Ellie Ann's Interior Design

Another thing Ellie Ann's does for their customers is they've developed design packages to fit a variety of budgets. Their packages are all-inclusive and eliminate the hourly rate for custom design services. They offer four different experience packages, starting at $500 and going up to $6,500. A detailed list for what each design packages consists of can be found here

Ellie Ann's is a great example of a creative business telling not only their story, but the stories of the people they serve. For them, creating a space in your home means so much more than simply making it pretty. It's about making it uniquely yours. 

What's Next For Ellie Ann's 

Susan is always innovating and growing to give her clients the best experience ever. As Dak & Collaboratives, we're excited to be partnering with her to add yet another facet to her already gleaming list of offering. We've worked with her to create a uniquely designed "Turtle" motif to pay homage to the city of Bottineau, which is nestled at the foot of the Turtle Mountains, and their long history and love for their town turtle named Tommy. You can find this and more designs available at their store. 

Dak & Collaboratives Turtle

 Want to Hear More?

Watch my conversation with Susan on Find Your Style here! 
Also check out Ellie Ann's Interior Design online!




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