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Tips By Erika EdwardsErika with a K Designs When You Are the Representation of Your Brand

Now days more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs, freelancers or even intrepreneurs within in a company, which means more and more people are often the face of the brand or brand they represent. Not only are we responsible for the work we do, we are now responsible for representing the brand well with how we dress. 

When I sat down with Erica - she gave me some amazing tips and tricks of how she dresses to fit her brand, Erika with a K Designs, a faux floral business. 

Erika's Journey to Faux Floral

Like many creatives, Erika's journey has shifted through a variety of mediums before settling down with faux floral. She explained that she always knew she wanted to be an artist, but never really knew what she wanted to do with it, or what she was good at. 

She first found her passion in jewelry, particularly beadwork, but was having a hard time finding her market. 

"Being a single mother, I don't have the luxury of waiting for my market to come along."

It wasn't until she started working with her mom's wedding decorating business that she found her passion for faux floral. 

"My mom is a wedding decorator, she works obviously with flowers and is a certified wedding florist so she taught me a little bit about it. Her business is a family affair, and we all had to come pitch in."

Shortly after working with her mom, Erika realized that I was good at at working with floral, and the more they started working with faux, she realized they're practical and cost efficient." 

"I realized I could make money at this, and it's creative and I liked it."

Erika's fronting the faux floral business in Fargo, ND and sees an untapped market worth exploring in the industry. She sources the best quality, and most realistic looking faux florals.  

Erika with faux flowers

How Erika Brings Her Brand's Style into Her Personal Style

Erika takes advantage of using floral patterns and feminine colors to identify herself with her brand. Her edgy-meets-feminine style allows her to rock a floral tip with leather pants and biker boots. She has a knack for mixing colors, patterns and textures together in unique ways.

She opened up about the correlation between her personal style and business style, and explains it goes both ways. She started wearing more floral prints when she started her business, but she also loves color, print and textures, which she believe translates well into her floral designs as well as her wardrobe. 

"I like when I get to work with a lot of color, or do a lot of texture in my arrangements."

Erika working on bouquet

 How to Bring Your Brand into Your Personal Style

There are many factors that go into styling yourself as the face of your brand. Here are a few key tips to make it happen.

1) Stay Authentic - Just because you have a brand doesn't mean you have to abandon your style. Instead you should use it as an opportunity to celebrate it even more! 
2) Enjoy the Process - Rome wasn't built in a day, and either is good personal or brand style. Take time to reflect, grow and get to know yourself and your personal style each day.
3) Have Conversations - Surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting people who've found a confidence in their branding + personal style. Ask them how they got where they are and what their challenges are. Be transparent with them and let them know you're trying to develop your own style as well. Most people are pretty open to sharing their journey.
4) Be Open To Change - Developing your style, whether personal or professional, takes time, and that is OK! It's not a race to get to the end the fastest, it's more about focus and adaption to new ideas and concepts. 
5) Get Creative Juices Flowing - Along with having conversations, you can find inspiration in a variety of ways. Try taking in a documentary, reading a book or even traveling to a business or location with style you love. Sometimes it just takes a bit of effort to spark a new idea or sense of style. 

Check Out Our Interview

Hear more about Erika's unique style, her business and more in our video conversation below!


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Erika Tagestad Edwards | Erika With A K Designs | Speciality: Bridal & Faux Floral  Decor| Fun Fact: Erika and I presented our Senior Show together at Minot State University in 2011. We showcased jewelry + graphic design. 

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