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A Conversation With Branding + PR Rockstar, Emily Nickel 

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Before talking with Emily, I thought very little about public relations (PR), especially as a part of my business. To me PR was something celebrities needed to help them managed events and speaking engagements, and not something that would be needed in branding my startup business. Ironically, public relations actually is a huge part of my business, and after talking with Emily I realized the importance of how much I'm using it in my day-to-day activities.

"Emily helped me realize the importance public relations has in my business and in my personal life."

Public Relations In Branding 

Both PR and branding are forms of communication. Branding is how you communicate who you are with potential clients or customers. PR is the state of the relationship between the public and a company. With the two descriptions put next to each other, the similarities between them are visible.

For Emily, learning how both PR and branding work together showed her the importance of communication. She sees communication as something that's not just verbal or a message you are trying to say, rather it's a constant process of communicating something with body language, responses and within design.

"There's an art to it, and when it's done strategically and done well, it becomes Public Relations. It's a value that a lot of businesses should use."

You may be asking yourself the question: "How is this different than marketing?" Emily explains that PR is an opportunistic approach, with focus being on natural, organic and showing who you are in your core - your authenticity.

Practical Ways To Use PR In Business And In Your Personal Brand 

In the middle of our conversation, I truly started to grasp the idea of incorporating PR into my business as well as my personal brand. Emily helped me think about it in a digestible way. 

Think of PR when you meet a potential client or partner out for coffee. You are building a professional relationship with that individual with the goal of working together in some way, shape or form. 

When you are your business, or you are a designated representative of a business you work for, it's important to put your best foot forward when meeting with that person, especially if you want to work with them on an upcoming idea or project. 

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a business strategist and coach about how personal style affects how people perceive you. How you carry yourself and what you wear are the first forms of communication you have with someone - they happen before you open your mouth to introduce yourself. It's important to be mindful of how you are presenting yourself when meeting with someone. 

Benefits of PR in Business

1) It Creates Brand Loyalty: When you are consistent in growing relationships with other brands, you develop loyalty between each other. You know you can count on each other and talk openly while working together. 

2) It Keeps Communication Lines Clear: Keeping communication lines clear builds trust and creates a positive, co-operative environment between you and the people you work with. 

3) It Helps You Develop: The more you get to know others, the more you learn about yourself and your communication style. My communication style is something I'm always working on and refining.

Want To Learn More?

Check out my conversation with Emily, as she goes more in depth on PR, branding and personal style on the latest episode of Find Your Style!


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