Gratitude: Find Your Style Season Finale

A Recap of Our First Season of Find Your Style


Piet van Rensburg Kayla Cote van Rensburg

photo by M.Schleif Photography

If you live in or around the Fargo Moorhead area, there's a good chance you may personally know someone who's been on our fashion + lifestyle show, Find Your Style.

As I look back on the past season, the incredible guests and, even more importantly, friendships I grew, I can't help but get a little emotional. On last night's season finale of Find Your Style (FYS) I read some of the most encouraging words from this season's guests, and I have to admit, I got a little chocked up (even on camera!) Read more about the incredible guests + adventures of the first season of Find Your Style!

It's More Than Just About Fashion

The show made me realize yet again why we do what we do - why we sit down every Tuesday at 7 to have a conversation with someone who is striving to make the community we live in an even better one than it already is. Yes we talk about fashion and style, but it goes so much deeper than that. Just take a look at any of the previous episodes and you will see how each guest brings something unique to the show. Whether they be a writer, a stylist, a small business owner or a community builder, each person and each episode has something valuable to offer. (And of course is dear to my heart in many ways!)

It's Time To Celebrate Our Guests

In celebration of our guests, it's time to reminisce on each of their appearances, along with their personal words about how FYS has impacted their lives. 


Nicole Nowacki | Stylist  

Nicole Nowacki


"My episode was kind of crazy, I was supposed to talk spring fashions when we had no spring! I was really honored doing FYS b/c I think I was the first or second guest. I loved it & cannot wait to do it again! One thing I wish I would have said, " probably be unique in your look. Never be afraid to take a chance." The worst thing you can do is following a trend. I really dislike that word. Find a piece you like and put your own twist on it. We were all created differently and I feel we should embrace that individuality through the clothes we wear"
"For 2019 I hope to have business up and running. I really have my own esthetic when it comes to style and I want to show people you don't have to be the cookie cutter plain Jane to feel great about yourself. It's all about looking in the mirror and loving what you see. I look forward to helping people explore their own unique style & show them how to utilize that daily. Happy Holidays!!!"
-Nicole Nowacki 

Ryan Courtney & Anthony Caster

Ryan Courneya

“It was so much fun getting to share the great things I know about the area with the community to maybe help other dudes out there find some style tips”
“I would have mentioned to everyone to encourage them to donate some of your used clothing instead of accruing it, give others a chance to feel good about some of your nicer clothing they may not be able to afford otherwise” 
“I am working on slowly updating some of my business professional clothing styles as some of my clothing is getting worn and I need some updating and finding some holiday deals”
- Ryan Courneya

Nicole Mendoza | Nicole Midwest Photography 

Nicole Mendoza


"I wish I talked more about dressing for the “unknown” as in always being business ready for whoever you might run into. Appearance is so important with first impressions. 
Right now I’m finishing up the last few weddings/sessions of the season before I head off to SE Asia for my travel series to begin!!"
- Nicole Mendoza

Samantha Lane | Lettering by Samantha 

Samantha Lane

photo by M.Schleif Photography

"Doing FYS was such a fun experience to participate in because it really got me thinking about my style, my personal brand, AND my professional brand. It helped remind me to be my most authentic self possible and people will resonate with that authenticity."
- Samantha Lane

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Becca Opp | Design & Living 

Becca Opp

photo by Nicole Midwest Photography

"Kayla made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera on FYS, even though I am usually a bit nervous on anything being recorded live."
"I wish I would've talked more about sizing, emphasizing that finding your perfect size is just as important as finding your style. Just like personal style, size changes as you mature, and you can't have one without the other."
"I'm still trying to build my wardrobe with quality over quantity in mind, only investing in pieces that I think look and feel good on me. Since being on FYS, I have also taken some of my favorite pieces to a tailor to make them fit even better."
- Becca Opp

Erika Edwards | Erika With A K Designs

Erika Edwardsphoto by M.Schleif Photography

"It was so much fun to sit down with an old friend and talk about something I love,  which is fashion!  It felt like we were just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.  Right now I'm working on December weddings and getting ready for the bridal fair away the Avalon in January.   That is where I get most of my bookings."
- Erika Edwards

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Jasmine Moffett

Jasmine Moffett

Watch our episode + read the blog here!

Fit Elements 

Fit Elements

Watch our episode + read the blog here!

Ashley Morken | Unglued Craft Market

Ashley Morken

"I loved hanging out with you and your badass cat and was honored you’d even have me on this type of episode!! I had a blast!  currently I’m starting to work on our 9th Annual Unglued: Craft Fest and diving into the magic of the holiday season at our gift shop which is my favorite time of year!! And on the side still dreaming up a potential Unglued Winter camp but we will see where that goes! Thank you!!"

- Ashley Morken 

Watch our episode + read the blog here!

Whitney Stetz | Blogger & Influencer

Chrisanne Ebert | Stylist at Evereve 


Chrisanne Ebertz Whitney Stetz

"I loved find your style! It’s so fun to sit and chat with women who are equally interested in what you love too. Connection is why I love doing this! I also just started my blog and I cannot wait to see where that takes me."
- Whitney Stetz 

Artist Nichole Rae | The Art of Daily Practice 

Artist Nichole Rae

"FYS gave me the opportunity to see where and how my “style” shows up in my life. As an artist I see it in my work - it’s not so much on what I wear though how my practices capture a particular style and that this can be my 'fashion style'"

"One thing I didn’t say ... “be open to yourself on where you struggle and reach out to friends to help .. sometimes taking about anxiety with shopping or spending money on clothes and that being hard you find others that can relate and having a dialog can help that." 

"I am working on some new online courses to help anyone anywhere BEGIN a daily practice with me as well as cultivating my 1:1 sessions in my studio and remotely ! My practices have helped me to 'find more of my style' each day and I know they can help others."

- Artist Nichole Rae

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Emily Simmons + Shawnee Kaseman | Former Miss ND & Miss Teen ND United States

Emily Simmons Shawnee Kaseman

"Being on Find Your Style was a blast! I'm so glad Emily and I got to join you right before we were off to nationals. Now that Miss Teen United States is over I am taking advantage of every opportunity I have to help in the community. Thank you for the opportunity to be on the show! Hope we can do it again sometime."

- Shawnee Kaseman

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Emily Nickel | Branding & Communications  

Emily Nickel


"I so appreciated being able to voice things that I have learned and start a conversation. I think it’s important to have community and share the things you’re skilled in." 

" I wish I had gotten to share how I got to where I am at now. It’s good for others to understand that most of the time, it’s not an easy road to get where you want to be!" 

 "I’m working on improving my patience with creative processes." 

- Emily Nickel

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James Cavo | Actor NYC

James Cavo

I'm so grateful and blessed for my adventures in NYC. Prayers are welcome! Just finished working on a feature film and hamlet on off Broadway.
- James Cavo

Watch our episode + read the blog here!


Brian Carmona | Xplor Music 

Brian Carmona

Photo by Andrew Stone

 Watch our episode + read the blog here!


Lizzie Jensen | Faces By Lizzie & Former Miss North Dakota 

Lizzie Jensen

"FYS was such a fun experience! Being able to get to not only share my personal tips and tricks but get to hear other people share their success, it’s was great. 
I’m currently working on creating a “beautiful you” your to help women of all ages learn about makeup but also be able to embrace their natural beauty through a series of tips and tricks on how to live a more positive and healthy life."
- Lizzie Jensen 

Watch our episode + read the blog here!


Mackenzie Reinhardt | Student

Mackenzie Reinhardt

"I loved doing FYS and it’s always fun for me to see who you bring on the show because it’s always someone unique! I don’t think there’s anything I would’ve said that I didn’t say on the show, we had a great conversation! One thing I’m working on now is scheduling seniors to take pictures this summer and my big move to Jamestown in a couple weeks."
- Mackenzie Reinhardt 

Andrea Anderson + Nicole Steen | Shirts & Shots 

Andrea Anderson Nicole Steen


"I’m currently working on getting my cocktail catering service up and running!"
- Andrea Anderson


Evelina Shindieva | I Do European Bridal Couture 

Evelina Shindieva

"I would say to the brides, if you have a dream of designing your own dress, one of a kind, I DO Bridal is the only bridal boutique that can do it with you. It will be unforgettable. We also have makeup, hairdresser, photography and musician available to our brides."
- Evelina Shindieva

Watch our episode + read the blog here!

Kjya Penning | Eco Chic Home

Eco Chic Home

"I thought the interview was awesome! You are incredibly easy to talk to and made the whole experience positive!! I Think I said all that I wanted to and I am working on pursuing my graphic design career in Arizona!"
- Kyja Penning

Murphy Anderson | Downtown Neighborhood Association

"Well your platform was excellent at getting the word out about our event, and I certainly admire your creativity and your passion for bringing people together through style and design. You got it goin on!" 
- Murphy Anderson

Watch our episode + read the blog here!

Brianna Drevlow | Former Miss Minnesota 

Brianna Drevlow

Watch our episode + read the blog here!

Simone Wai | Folkways 

Simone Wai

Watch our episode + read the blog here!


Niki Larson | West Acres Mall 

Niki Larson

It was such a fun experience being able to sit down with you and talk about topics I’m so passionate about!
What is one thing you are working on now?
"Events and 2019 planning! When it comes to connecting with our community and visitors, providing a great experience is a top priority. Although our stores can provide them products and services that meet their wants and needs, we can take it a step further to enhance their experience with events that leave them feeling excited to come back for more. Right now I’m working on the many ways we can do that!"
- Niki Larson

Bridget Courneya | The Barry Foundation 

Bridget Courneya

Watch our episode + read the blog here!

Susan Brandjord | Ellie Ann's Interior Design 

Susan Brandjord

"Learning to express yourself and your family through your interior design is one of the most holistic things you can do for you and your family."
"LOVED doing FYS!  I personally have gained value from watching FYS.  I am sharing the love of FYS so that others can be possibly impacted as well."
"My address may be Bottineau but we serve clients where they reside.  Whether it's Fargo, Bottineau, or Kalamazoo."
- Susan Brandjord

Chris Jaeger + Artist Nichole Rae| Creative Plains Foundation

Chris Jaeger Artist Nichole Rae

"Hi Kayla!! Sorry I just read this message. I guess I would just say thank you for having us on FYS. The whole experience resonated with our mission of empowering people through arts education and that creativity takes many forms in our community from fashion, home decor, movies music food etc."
"Arts education for kids matters and directly impacts their academic achievement and success in future careers."
"We are currently working on our programming schedule which includes the launch of our textile program - sewing, up cycling and fashion design. Stay tuned for more details on the program start date."
- Chris Jaeger

Watch our episode + read the blog here!

Emily Brooks | Taea Made

Emily Brooks

"Doing the interview with you really made me reflect on my own personal style, how it developed, and why it works for me."
"I recommend using the KonMari method for folding, and organizing your closet. Although I haven't been quite as aggressive with getting rid of items, it has helped me to learn to let go of items that aren't serving me anymore."
"Right now I'm working to finish up custom orders for Christmas gift giving, and the newest Upcycled NDSU Band Uniform Pillow orders!"
- Emily Brooks

Watch our episode + read the blog here!

Alexandra Martin | Fargo Monthly 

Alexandra Martin

"It was an honor getting to be featured on FYS. As a new member of the community, only moving here in May, I found Kayla’s knack for finding people and making them feel welcome in the community amazing.  The variety of individuals featured show the range of bold, curious, and passionate individuals the F-M area holds."
"Everyone’s style matters and is their own. Not everyone needs to feel the pressure to look like a NYC runway show. Just because your style may be different than your neighbors, doesn’t discount it! I always say that style is what introduces you to the world without saying a word, thus your style is really a bit of who you are."
- Alexandra Martin

Chelsey Ewen | The Arts Partnership 

Chelsey Martin

"I LOVED going on Find Your Style because clothing is a creative outlet of mine that I don't get to talk about very much without making eyes glaze over. Not everyone gets excited about fashion, and that's fine, but going on this show gave me the opportunity to really reflect on how I present myself to the world everyday. I could talk forever about style, fashion and art -- and don't get me started about makeup! (I could probably talk about lipstick alone for hours.) Thank you for giving me a platform to talk about what I do and what I love to wear to make myself feel good and inspire those around me to do the same!"
- Chelsey Ewen

Watch our episode + read the blog here!

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