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Practical Tips From Administrative Consultant, Jasmine Moffett 

What do business and style have in common? A lot, actually. Some of the best fashion tips I've learned came from having a business mindset - the main one being mindful when I shop, so I don't end up taking home more than I really need. Read further to hear tips and tricks from both myself and my dear friend Jasmine Moffett, a freelance Administrative Consultant. 

Not only does Jasmine rock at keeping businesses organized and in tip-top shape, she also puts the same mindset into her sense of style. Her practical-meets-chic approach is definitely a win win solution, and is especially helpful for those who want to improve their own taste and sense of style with a logical approach. 

Jasmine Moffett

 Creating Your Sense of Style, With Practicality in Mind

When I first met Jasmine, I saw in her an amazing gift for taking and idea and making it reality. She helps make businesses function and utilize creative ideas in an organized, strategic and practical way. In my mind she's pretty much every creative entrepreneurs dream come true. 

When I asked Jasmine what her advice for finding her style are she said,

"I actually grew up as a huge "tom boy" - so fashion and clothing was not really my gift at all. I'm not creative in the sense that I can come up with a picture in my mind and know exactly how I'm going to look." 
"Something I really focused on is getting comfortable with my personality."
She also focuses on finding clothing that fits comfortably as well - sometimes buying something in a different size than her normal if it fits for comfort. 
She also never pays full price for her items. She has a frugal mindset, and can shop on a dime and still look good. 

Tips for Creating A Style Mindset

For many of us, style is not second nature, and we often struggle finding our style or fashion taste, but we can adjust our mindset on how we go about our shopping routine. Here are a few simple ways to practically keep style in mind, without the worry. 

1) Be comfortable wth your personality before hitting the fitting room - Remember that you don't have to wear what's "in" rather focus on wearing what's "you". Trends come and go, and if you stay true to yourself and your style, your confidence will always shine through. 

2) Style doesn't have to break the bank - Hand-me-downs and second hand stores are a great way to find your style without spending half your paycheck on clothes that could potentially send up gathering dust in your closet. 

3) Shop your closet (or a friend's) - Every so often I go through my closet and find a piece that I forgot about. I like to try and work it in new ways. I wear it at least once before deciding to either keep it, or get rid of it. 

If a friend is giving away their pieces, take them home to try. It's a good way to find what you like and what you don't like in a cost effective way. 

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