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Inspiration through understanding your Identity


Starting a creative (or any) business, although very rewarding, can also often be depleting. Most of us (myself included) can get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to set aside time for ourselves each day. A week goes by, a month, a year, and we look in the mirror and we feel we don't even recognize the person staring back at us. We've lost our identity, our meaning, our "ness." The good news is it doesn't, and frankly shouldn't, have to be this way. 

My Personal Example

I usually don't go too deep into my personal life, especially when it comes to business. But I recently accepted the fact that it's ok to share with others - and even though it can be scary at first - I usually receive more positive feedback than I anticipate. 

The past few years living life as an entrepreneur has been fulfilling, but it's been challenging. It's challenged my thought process, how I work with others, my mindfulness, my self awareness and, of course, my abilities to grow a business. 

I've had the days - like we've all had at some point - where I wake up and feel I have no idea where I'm going or what I'm doing. I scramble to my inbox, frantically wiring and responding. As this is happening I start to feel the negative inner voice start to creep in on me, up my back to my neck and into my ears...I start to panic. This is the point in the day where I can let it all fall apart, or I can step back, analyze, and change direction and actually allow myself to have a successful day.

These moments are more prevalent when I push myself to the point where I have no more to give. Again that voice sneaks in, inconveniently telling me, "It's just one more thing you have to do, why don't you just get it done already?" followed by getting overwhelmed, freezing and telling myself "no" to every idea I want to move forward with.

"Honestly, most of the "no's" I hear in the day come from myself rather than anyone else." 
It's in these moments that I realize I have to make a change, I had to find my "ness" again.

What is this "ness" idea anyway?"

Your "ness" is the essence of who you are - your identity. Your personality traits, your flaws, your tendencies and your thoughts. A tangible way to understand is by adding "ness" to your first name - for example, mine is my Kayla-ness. I use this analogy when I need to be particularly mindful in staying true to my identity.

The interesting thing I've found is the correlation between the "life cup" and the "ness." When our life cup is running dry, we see our "ness" start to run dry as well. When we have a healthy "ness" we are more aware of our identity and more open to self discovery and acceptance. 

Ways to Find Your Ness

During my conversation with the ladies of Fit Elements, we discussed the idea of self-empowerment, and ways to fill your up your life cup. The importance of having a full "life cup" (as I call it,) is because we often give and give until there's nothing left - and we find ourselves stretched past our max. We find ourselves anxious, stressed out and agitated at little things that shouldn't get us down. The bottom line is, if we don't have any juice in our cup, how can we successfully give it to others? 

There are many to break away from the day-to-day and fill your life cup back up. It's simply taking time to do the things you truly love to do, for you.


Tips To Get Your "Ness" Back

The ladies at Fit Elements and I talked about ideas to find self-empowerment. They told me their favorite thing to see is when someone walks into their gym, takes advantage of one of their many options of self care, and walks out feeling like she can take on the world. 

No matter if you're needing to relax, get some work done in a quiet environment, or if you need to sweat out your stress in a good workout, they have something for everyone's needs. 

Here are a few of my tried and true ways to fill my life cup, get back my "ness" and get back to a more positive mindset.

1) Sweat it out - Every morning I like to do something physical, whether it be a full-on sweat session at the gym, or even getting in a brisk walk. Getting the heart rate up gets your endorphins (your body's natural feel good hormones, ) in high gear, and helps kick out moodiness and irritability.

2) Relax and take a few minutes of quiet time - I love hitting the infrared sauna for 20 - 30 minutes to get some R&R.

3) Leave the phone in your locker - I have to literally lock my phone up in my locker and not take it into any R&R space. It helps me disconnect from the world around me and focus in on the self care.

4) Repeat, repeat repeat - Once I get into a good routine for getting in some gym time, I repeat it. For me, early mornings work best. Find what works best  for you and really focus on creating the habit of going regularly. 

5) Bring a friend - I love introducing friends to the gym and all it has to offer. I usually bring them to a class that they want to try or have already tried in the past. It helps break the ice and make accountability partners. 

6) Wear fun fit-wear - Of course I had to put something about style in this article. I always feel excited to work out if I have something fun on. I've found a few of my own Dak & Co pieces pair well with cute leggings! The super-soft tops are breathable and make easy transition pieces from active wear to daily wear. 

Neck of the woods tank

Neck of the Woods Tank

Dakota Girl

Dakota Girl Tee

Stipes tee

Stripes on the Horizon Tee

Join Our Conversation 

Watch as we talk further ways to find self empowerment, and about all that Fit Elements has to offer!


About Our Guests 

Theresa Pazdernik - Owner

Kim Brinkman - Club Director 

About Fit Elements 

In their own words: Women spend most of their lives putting others first. They do it as mothers, friends, wives, and business leaders. At Fit Elements, we’ve created a community where it’s all about you. We understand that personal well-being begins in the body, and is supported by the connection of one’s mind and soul. Our fitness program, spa services, and personalized nutrition are designed to inspire your mind, feed your body, and nurture your soul.

Find Out More

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On their Facebook page | fitelementsfargo

Upcoming Events

4pm - 7pm | June 12 - 14th 

Ribbon Cutting on the 14th at 4pm

Fit Elements Gym & Spa, 3120 25th St S, Fargo

The evening will be filled with fun activities, free fitness classes, chair massages, and amazing prizes will be given way. All are welcome to join us for this event. We can't wait to see you all! 


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