3 Ways To Find Your Personal Style

Working in a creative business has my personal style radars on high alert. But what if I were someone who's day-to-day looks different, or maybe I'm beginning my journey of finding my personal style? What if I'm someone who's trying to find little ways to get inspired?
Well, I'm here to help you on your journey, wherever that may be. So take a moment to enjoy your cup of coffee, (or glass of wine) read onward and find inspiration to grow in your personal style. 

Personal Style. "What's that?" 

Personal style means finding joy in creating with things you love and that bring good memories to your mind. It's about creating something that is unique and inspiring to you by putting things together in your own unique way. It can be anything from cooking, to putting an outfit together, to adding personal touches in your home. 

Why does personal style matter?

Personal style makes you feel good, and it is fun to do. It's a conversation starter. And my personal favorite, it's a form of self expression. One of my favorite ways to get to know people is by hearing about their personal style and why they like what they like. No two people are exactly the same when it comes to personal style. It's a fun way to find common ground, or even to learn about differences.

So many things can influence personal style, the list is endless. In the end, it's a creative way of self expression, and expression feels good. As does being in a place, or wearing an outfit, or having a dining experience that fits your tastes to a tee!

If it brings a smile to your face, it matters. 

Ok, so how do I find my personal style?

Personal style is something that is always growing, evolving and changing. It is definitely not static. Instead it's fluid, shifting and changing as you pick up new inspirations around you each day. Finding it is being open to it, to simply putting thought into it. Really think about what makes you feel good about your space, outfit, meals, music, etc. Authenticity is key to finding your personal style. It's like trying to wear someone else's shoes...they don't ever feel quite as good as your own. Just be you.

Find things that inspire you, start a Pinterest board or journal. Take a snap shot of things you like and things that intrigue you. For example, I have a thing for bathrooms in trendy restaurants...they always are SO DARN COOL! And yes, I usually have to take a picture! Well-plated food also makes me smile. My poor husband always has to wait to eat until I take a snap shot of the meal. Reading local design publications in my spare time also helps me find inspiration in what's going on creatively in the community I live in. 

Piet and Kayla at home

Now that I'm inspired, how to I inspire others?

I enjoy hearing feedback from others and how they feel about my personal style. It's great when it's positive, but I also appreciate it when they post a difference of opinion. I always try to look at is as an opportunity to grow and see things from a different perspective. No matter the response I get on a post, I take it as a way to engage with others and to grow. 

Instagram has been a great platform for posting personal style, because it's primarily visual. Tagging key words also helps me find other images that inspire me. I post on two Instagram accounts, my personal, and Dak & Co

Kayla Cote Instagram Feed

A typical day finding inspiration for my personal style consists of:

Here are ways I get inspired. Feel free to try them out, or find different ones that speak to you.

1) Snap a photo of a cute outfit in a window while walking to a near-by coffee shop to work. 

2) Snap a photo of the latte art before taking a sip. 

3) Have a quick conversation with the Barista about what inspired their coffee art, or if their super-busy, have a conversation with a neighbor about the coffee art on their cup.

4) Wander to near-by shops for a creative break. See what inspires them in the style of their shop. 

5) Share what I learned with Piet or a friend about my experiences that day, and ask if they had any inspiring experiences that day. 

The Key Takeaways: Be open to inspiration in unexpected places, Rock your own style, Share with others about personal style, and most importantly, enjoy the journey! 

- Kayla

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