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The Art of Daily Practice with Artist Nichole Rae

Artist Nichole Rae

We all have moments in life when we come across a fork in the road, or even worse, a "life" road block. If you're like me, I usually end up in a panic of some sort and freeze in my thoughts of "what if" or "how can I even..." And it's a rough place to be. Not only do you feel stuck, but all you've been working towards stops dead in its tracks. The good news there is a way out of this feeling, and it's through the Art of Daily Practice. 

From Then To Now

Nichole first told me about her work, her calling, when we met a couple years back at a local event. I met her in a panic after loosing my phone. I was worried because I was in an unfamiliar place (I had not moved to Fargo yet,) and I was, for the most part, alone - until I met Nichole. She helped me find my phone, which led to a great discussion. We had always stayed in contact, running into each other and catching up from time to time. After recently running into her at the nearby gym, she yet again helped me get through some mind blocks. 

After talking with her, I asked her if she wanted to share her practice with others live on the show. She agreed and we set a date. 

Yesterday Nichole joined us for an incredible half hour of sharing her Art of Daily Practice, and the many creative forms it takes. The audience and I heard about her Affirmation Journals, Affirmation Beads and Art Journals, all of which were means to helping one find their unique path in life. 

Affirmation Journals

The truth is we all have a path, or identity, which is unique to us. We sometimes need guidance in finding exactly what that path is. Our Path is fluid, always pivoting, growing and refining as we learn about ourselves and the world we live in. We all have one. It's unique and special to each of us, and it's our job to ask for it, find it and live it.

Nichole's Art of Daily Practice: For-give and Release

FOR-GIVE + release - it means to give love + light a way into our heart + mind to release what is heavy- his heaviness can be a thought - an experience - a belief - a past memory - a feeling - an emotion. When something you are carrying is heavy we choose with our free will to FOR-GIVE so we can SEE it differently. So we can feel the peace + receive the guidance + understanding + clarity we most need.

You can For- give through a journaling practice - outspoken - or in your mind. The affirmation to practice is: I FOR-GIVE + release and we use this clear + create space within

If you are interested in learning more about how you can start your own Art of Daily Practice, reach out to Nichole for a 1-on-1 session with her.

Website: Art of Daily Practice | Email: | Facebook: Artist Nichole Rae | Instagram @artistnicholerae


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