How To Find Your Creative Space

A Conversation with Eco Chic Home stylist, Kyja Penning

Eco chic home

There's something special about walking into a space that inspires your creativity. Whether you need a creative boost, or need calming focus, the spaces we go have an effect in helping us find what we need. I immediately had a spark of creativity hit me the second I walked into the new Eco Chic Home space in South Fargo. Like in the name, I truly felt like I was home! (And ultra-chic as well!) The effortless beautify of the decor makes you feel inspired yet comfortable.

Find Comfortable, Creative Spaces To Go

For a designer like myself, I often find it overstimulating to be in a place with too many options. Eco Chic Home is like a breath of fresh air, because it's a space full of things to look at, yet not overwhelming to take in. The neutral palette and natural woods, and white walls blends well with the decor, and creates a space where you can visualize how pieces would look in your own home. The Eco Chic Home team focuses on creating a space for customization and finding a look that is unique to each customer and allows for them to create a personal style for their home.

The team at Eco Chic are always changing up their space with new products from the lines they carry. They set intensions to create a space that is cohesive, yet inspiring. For Kyja, design inspiration comes from collaboration with the people that come in the doors. 

"No guest that comes through our door is the same, so you're constantly exchanging ideas and sometimes their ideas totally open you up."
- Kyja Penning 

 Places And Spaces Which Inspire

Moods often depict where I go and what my intent is to find in that space. Everything from relaxation to inspiration to vivacity can be influenced by our surroundings. Here are my top three types of places I go when I need to feel inspired.

Take In A Dose Of Nature


For me, a walk in the park can be just what I need to unclog my creative block. Movement helps motivate my body and my mind. A walk in nature helps clear the senses and eliminate brain fog. I also find reading or writing in my journal in nature can be beneficial to stimulate creativity.

Kayla's Tip: Leave the phone in your pocket. The whole point of walking in nature is to experience all the beauty nature has to offer, so I try to leave my phone in my pocket and not spend my walk on the screen. 

Get Inspired By Interiors 

Kayla Cote van Rensburg

As a fashion designer I find it inspiring to go to beautiful boutiques and retail spaces. Taking in local creative spaces intrigues me and makes me think and inspires new ideas. I like the wonder of the design choices in those spaces. It helps me appreciate different perspective and opens my mind to new possibilities. A place like Eco Chic Home is a great place to visit when you feel like you need a dose of inspiration. 

Get "Caffeinated" 

Piet Kayla Coffee

photo by M.Scheif Photography

A coffee shop is where you can find me when I need a boost of vivacity and creative thought. A coffee shop is where I get of my collaborative ideas in motion. There's something about the smell of fresh coffee, conversation and the overall atmosphere that really get me excited about bringing collaborative ideas to life. 

One of my favorite parts of the day is bright in early in the morning when I sit down with my husband for a cup of French Press while we discuss and plan out our day.

If your looking for a does of inspiration, or simply want to see the beautiful interior space of Eco Chic, you can find us at their 45th Street South Location at Shoppes at Blu Water Creek this Saturday from 9am - 6pm.

Click here for more info about our upcoming event!

 Want To Hear More?

Check out my conversation with Kyja of Eco Chic Home Here!

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