West Acres Mall: A Focus On Style & Community

My Conversation with Digital Marketing Manager of West Acres Mall, Niki Larson 

Niki Larson West Acres Mall Find Your Style

A Native to Maple Grove, MN, Niki Larson moved to Fargo to attend North Dakota State University. Although she grew up with parents in the fashion industry, her interests in fashion didn't start until her later high school years. During her college career, after experiencing an internship at the Mall of America the summer after her Freshman year, she decided to reach out to West Acres Mall for intern possibilities when arriving back in Fargo. At the time West Acres didn't have any intern positions available, however fate stepped in and they were able to create a position for her as their marketing intern. Fast forward 5 years to now, where Niki is now the digital marketing manager here where her roll has evolved into so many different areas with new experiences and opportunities to be a part of. 

Connecting the Community Through West Acres

Around one third of the tenants in West Acres are small businesses with most of these being locally owned and managed. They also get involved in the community in other ways, such as giving back to local nonprofits and organizations as well as having a connection with local arts programs. 

"I think it's one of the coolest things about West Acres that I've grown to love is our connection to the community. Our connection to the community is so important to us."
- Niki Larson

The team at West Acres have deep roots in the community, and it starts with their family and customer focused attitude. West Acres started and continues to be a family-focused part of the community. 

Unglued, Make Room and now us here at Dak & Collaboratives are a few examples of locally owned businesses that have worked with West Acres and grow their businesses in new ways. Small businesses equally bring success to West Acres by providing such a fun and exciting experiences to West Acres. The combination of both provide great new opportunities for the community to enjoy. 

West Acres Live Show

West Acres + Local Talent 

Our community is filled with amazing people that have different personalities, characteristics, features, and backgrounds, and we love to embrace that. These past couple campaigns we have been able to use local people who have an influence in our community. Not only are we able to showcase these amazing people as a representation of our brand and customers, but we’re also able to give these influencers our support and the opportunity for them to reach a new audience.

"We’d be nothing without our customers. We truly believe that our customers are the best representation of who we are at West Acres, and that’s why the faces that you see in our promotional materials (commercials, advertising, social media photos, blog posts, etc.) are all just that!"

- Niki Larson 

I have been lucky enough to be part of the energy West Acres Mall is creating. Below is one of my fall campaign images. They've been such a joy to work with, and really helped me grow in my sense of style as well as in my sense of community. You can follow my journey as a #WABrandRep on my Instagram @kaylaco_style.

Kayla Cote van Rensburg West Acres Mall

shoppers at West Acres Mall

The Journey Of Your Style Experience 

Styling experiences at West Acres Helped Niki develop her own personal style. Ever since she was an intern up until now Niki has been able to style so so many different people in the community for campaigns and photoshoots. Through that she's learned a lot about her own personal style and how she chooses to dress herself. 

"As his position evolved, my own personal style evolved and how I wanted to represent myself. It's been a process, and it's been cool to see. My closet has definitely changed since I started."
- Niki Larson 

style trends Find Your Style

Navigating through the Trends: How To Stay Grounded 

Finding your personal style is something that comes with growing in yourself and growing in maturity.

"I feel like when I first started I was heavily influenced by all the trends that were out. I learned what works best for me and what makes me feel the most confident. And I've stuck with what that style looks like for me."
- Niki Larson 

Here are three ways to help you find your style without getting overwhelmed with too many trends. 

Know your style and what works for you

The key to finding your style is paying attention to how you feel in what you're wearing. If you feel confident in bold colors, incorporate more of those into your wardrobe. If you feel confident in something subtle, bring more of those pieces in. 

Don't feel like you have try every trend

Not all trends are meant for you. If a trend isn't working, you don't have to force it to. Rather find something else that works for you that you can feel most confident in. 

Be open to trying new styles 

It's good to branch out every so often and try on something you wouldn't normally try on. It opens your eyes to new possibilities and style ideas to discover. 

"What I'll do each season is just incorporate a few pieces that are a little outside my box or just add to my current selection in my wardrobe."
- Niki Larson


shoppers at West Acres Mall

What To Expect This Season At West Acres

This Holiday season expect to see some really great things happening at West Acres Mall. As you can see on their blog, the last year has brought a lot of new opportunities and experiences to have at West Acres, everything from events to new stores opening and more! 

This holiday season West Acres is having mini-events throughout the season. It's the perfect time to come out and shop because not only will you get all your Holiday shopping done, you'll get to be a part of some really fun events this season.


Here is a List of Upcoming Events at West Acres Mall

Be sure to check out our blog, westacresblog.com for more info on upcoming events. Also connect with them on their Facebook and follow them on Instagram @westacresmall

West Acres’ biggest announcement yet is coming soon!
Follow our social channels to be the first to hear the news.

Calendar Events 

Pumpkin Palooza (October 6th from 10am-1pm – more info here

Pop-Up Brews with Fargo Brewing & Wild Terra through October/November (more info coming soon)

Bootiful Night + Spooky Story Squad - more info here

It’s A Wonderful Night – 20th Anniversary (November 18th 6-9pm – tickets on sale soon!)

Holiday Performances (throughout holiday season)

Live Music West Acres Mall Holiday

Holiday Shoppers

Mini Holiday Events Happening This Season

New Store & Pop Up Openings

Beauteous Activewear, Artist in Residence, Almost Famous & Make Room (new locations), Timeline Lounge, Holiday Carts & Kiosks – Dak & Co. Pop-Up, Pride of Dakota Pop-Up, and more!

Want More?

Check out my conversation with Niki on our latest episode of Find Your Style.


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